Cleaning, Shopping, and Beach

Cleaning- Ugh. double, triple, quadruple ugh. But that's what you get when you host a party.....

Shopping-Not cool shopping, like for clothes and stuff but major grocery shopping. MAJOR. Again, what you get when you host a party.

Beach- YAY! Went yesterday and it was tons of fun and am going again in an hour or so. Yay!


This blog is hereby rechristened 'Treble Clef'. Maybe I'll win Olive Tree's contest and get a cool new header, etc.!

Speaking of contests I have one that will be starting in thenext few days!

And the username poll. Spottedstar and Cornet Crazie were tied so for now I will keep the name 'Spottedstar' and there is a new poll between the 2 of them.

Drink lots of water and keep out of this dreadful heat, my friends!


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