Awesome shirt I made and *contest*

Yeah, the lighting isn't so great but I like the way I did the shirt. I just sat out in a chair on our nice wrap-around porch, during a thunderstorm, with a black sharpie and fabric markers. It was very fun. (the peace, love and band pic is the front the other is the back, btw) Also check out Elrania and Olive Tree's blogs for their contests! I will be starting a contest also in the near future, when I figure out all the details.


Anonymous said...

*sigh* Why, Spottedstar, why couldn't you wait a little teeny bit longer before copying the whole contest idea? I'm annoyed that Elr√°nia did hers while mine was still going. Why does everyone copy me?! Rrrgh. Sorry. You know how I am about copying. VERY TOUCHY.

Spottedstar said...

but you SEE i was going to start it monday. i don't have time to work on anything till then 'cause of getting ready for the party.

Anonymous said...


*under her breath* It's still copying... *has a coughing fit to try to convince Spottedstar that she just as a bad cold and didn't just say that*