day and award

So the tri went well, yay! now I have made a new award. Because school starts in 3 weeks, it's the I LOVE SCHOOL AWARD!!!! I'm not sure if anyone will take it except for me, but if you know someone who loves school pass it on and give it to them. Also I have entered Olive Tree's writing contest and you can view my entry by clicking on the link at the top. Also check out the other links up there. This is my 271st post which means that I'm starting to plan some cool stuff for my 300th! My 300th post will have a tag, 3 new awards, 100 random things and a write-up of my day as usual with lots of pics.


Anonymous said...

Actually Sally it's only your 259th. The dashboard count includes all your unpublished posts.

Spottedstar said...

ohhh didn't realize that. how'd you know it was 259?