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30 things you may not know about me

  1. I live across the road from a marsh
  2. This is not my first blog
  3. I went to 2 elementary schools
  4. I won a music award in 5th grade
  5. I just recently leaned how to photoshop
  6. I love reading on my porch swing
  7. I LOVE thunderstorms
  8. I am very artistic
  9. I really like decorating my room
  10. My full name only has 15 letters
  11. I like to eat nasturtiums
  12. I am a foodie
  13. I normally wear my hair down
  14. I love to swim
  15. I want to do a triathlon
  16. I am deeply considering running the Beach to Beacon next year
  17. I like taking pictures
  18. I kinda like fog
  19. I love my Protec cornet case
  20. But not as much as I love my cornet!
  21. I have to transpose (blah) a piece of music for church (yay!)
  22. I have been going to church ever since te Sunday after I was born
  23. For some reason I have a strange plastic alien on my desk
  24. I like snorkeling
  25. There are 4 people in my immediate family
  26. 2 other people in my family have blogs but they NEVER POST! (hint hint xanfan and bwk)
  27. I am nearing my 300th post!
  28. I have had this blog since January
  29. I collect fancy napkins (unused)
  30. I helped seveal people set up blogs

And now for an award~~~

This goes to my favorite blogs



Of Elven Elrania And Her Horse...!

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★Silverstar★ said...

WOW! Thanks! I love the rainbow! :D