My Playlist, Background, Cursor and Awards

So this is a basic update on where stuff comes from on this blog!

My Playlist is from and the songs I have on here are:

  1. All You Need Is Love
  2. The Circle Of Life
  3. The Rainbow Connection
  4. Fugue In G Minor (Bach)
  5. All Blues
  6. Mood Indigo
  7. 1812 Overture
  8. Sing, Sing, Sing
  9. Star Wars Main Theme
  10. Hedwig's Theme
  11. Cornet Chop Suey
  12. The Climb
  13. Love Story
  14. Don't Stop Believen'
  15. Just Dance
  16. I'm Yours
  17. 100 Years
If you think that there is a good song that should be included in this playlist please comment!

My Background right now is from Aqua Poppy Designs!!!

My Cursor is 'I Heart Band' from

I have several Awards!

Twilight Haters from Olive Tree

Smiley Award from Moriah

Child of God Award from Moriah

Earth Award from Olive Tree

Cat Lover's Award from Olive Tree

Nature Lover's Award from Olive Tree

True Princess Award from Moriah

Official Band Lover's Award from Olive Tree

I Believe In Magic Award from Olive Tree

Avid Reader Award from Bella

Chocolate Lover's Award from myself

Twisted Magic Award from Olive Tree

Novelist Award from Olive Tree

Contagious Blog Award from Olive Tree

I Believe in Dragons from Olvie Tree

Proud to be a Pisces from myself

I Love School from myself

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