Last few days...

The last few days before school are always crazy. Shop, shop, shop! Supplies! Clothes! Haircut! PHEW! That's basically what we've been doing. Got all my supplies yesterday. I am going to have SO MUCH STUFF! 5 binders, 4 textbooks, folders, laptop, cornet, trombone, field hockey stuff.....yikes. Also went clothes shopping in the evening at Target and Aeropostle. Got some good stuff for the fall.

On Monday I get to help out with 6th grade orientation. Should be fun! Have a meeting about it tomorrow.

CONTEST CLOSES TOMORROW AT 6PM!!!!!!!!!! I have 4 entries, get yours in before then for in to count. I have some awesome *prizes*!


Swiftstar said...

for some reason, I can't wait 4 school!

Dreamstar said...

Come to Moonlight Dream and Moonlight Frost's new blog!It is a drawing blog and kind of a story blog!You'll like.But there isn't much on there yet!

Go to

Moriah said...

I'm curious... it says in your profile that your occupation is an actress. Have you done any movies/shows/plays etc? Also, I won't be able to do the contest. Sorry.