My Hilarious, Awesome, Tiring Day

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I was very busy. So let me tell you what happened, 'k?

The Hilarious Part: My marching band director wanted me to have a trumpet ASAP, right? So I thought 'teachers are back at school, I'll just go get one from Mrs. Barry' Well I won't go into details, but 'If you ever have any need at all to interrupt a teacher's meeting during the summer (before school starts) , do it. The reaction is priceless.'

The Awesome Part: Bella and I went to the beach! YAY!!!! Enough said...

The Tiring Part: 4th day of marching band. Ouch. My feet KILL.

Remember the contest! I've had a lot of people say they are going to enter and remember the contest is only open until NEXT WEDNESDAY.

So that's it. Post more later!

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Bella said...

ok, i still have to get a picture of water...