Song Writing Maniac is having a web symbol contest so I thought I'd enter. (It's a robot, that kinda got messed up)

       /                                  \
      /                                    \
     /        +               +           \
    /                                        \
   |                   |                      |
   \                                         /
    \      |___________|         /
     \                                     /
___|                                 |___
|                                              |
|                                              |
|                                              |
|           ___________             |
|          |                      |            |
|          |  - + - * : ' @   |            |
|          | # $ && ~ %   |            |
|          |___________|            |
|                                              |
|                                              |
          |       |       |       |
          |       |       |       |
  ____|       |       |       |____
 |________|       |________|  

Daybook, and New Addition

Date...January 30
Starting time...12:53PM
Outside my window...those deceiving blue skies again...
I'm thinking...about a song I am attempting to write
I'm reading...The Lost Conspiracy 
I'm listening to...the furnace clanking around in the basement
I'm wearing...jeans and a cute purple sweater
Yesterday, I...was at school from 6:40-5! Now that's commitment!
I'm excited for...our talent show auditions
I'm sad because...ummmmm
I'm hungry for...nothing, I just had a bagel. Maybe some ginger ale to wash it down.
The song stuck inside my head is...Tik Tok
I want...idk. Life is good.
I love...jazz band!
I loathe...most parts of school
This week, my goal get into the talent show
Did I meet last week's goal?...yep :)
Ending time...12:58PM

And now I would like you to scroll ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the way down to the bottom of my blog and take a look. Cute, isn't it?



Boy am I tired. Let me go through the day with you:

Got to school wicked early (6:40ish) because I had forgotten my French homework, so I had to go do that.

Training jazz band, with intense piano parts.

French, which was fun :)

Social Studies doing more research on the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire and trial.

Science, where we  watched yet another boring video on the evolution of the Earth.

Gym, where I ran 2 1/2 miles

Lunch, where I ate everything in sight because I was hungry after all that running.

A math class that was tiring on my brain.

LA where I finally submitted my DuPont competition essay (Grand Prize is $20,000 and a trip to Disney!)

Band, great as always

Report Cards, let's not discuss it.

And then a performance jazz rehearsal from 2:15-4. But we got pizza after so......yeah.

And now we are going to a high school basketball game that I don't really want to go to because I just wanna relax for heaven's sake!


Post Divider for Euranna

Finally, here is the last item from the caption contest a few weeks ago! Eldarwen was actually the winner but she wanted to give her prize to Euranna. So, here it is and enjoy! Also, she was wondering how to install it, and I found this tutorial off of Robin Blogs. CLICK HERE FOR TUTORIAL Anyway, here is the divider.



The realization in this came out of the blue.


I guess I always sort of knew this, but the meaning in it just hit me.


Seriously. Anything at all. You believe that you're going to flunk that French final, you probably are.


There's work involved, but you CAN make your dreams come true.


Being a band director will be challenging, and I know it. I was still only 12 when my dream first surfaced. Every day, I take strides to meet my ambition.




An Intriguing Specimen

Bunches of photos coming up in a moment (FINALLY!!!!) and here's what they are of. Remember last Friday when I told you about the trumpet I found while cleaning out the instrument room? Well, today was trial day for it and the verdict was that it was completely beyond repair. So, my band director, who had no use for it any more, gave it to yours truly. And now for the pictures. (Also I finally made a brush for signing my photos!)

The beat up case.

The crushed bell. If you look closely, you can make out the name 'Rudy Mück on the bell. I think that the first owner must have just wanted his name engraved on the bell.

The trumpet in its case.

Close up of the bell.

Dents in the leadpipe curve.

Valves and second slide.

Bell again. YES I AM holding it at the top. :)

The bellpipe. States the instrument's name. Conn 'Conductor' model. (Trumpet equivalent of Conn 'Director' cornet. That's what I have.)


A Reflection on the 1st Semester (in journal format)

Today was the first day of third quarter, which means that as of now, I have an A+ average in every class to start off the semester. I'll try and keep it around there, but who knows what is to come in the second half of this school year. Lot's of things have already happened that have been exciting, scary, and fun. 

One of the best things was marching band. It was basically a last-minute decision, but one that I am oh so glad that I made. The practices were always long and tiring, but there was extreme satisfaction after every performance, especially after winning gold at finals. Some scary moments were, of course, being rushed to the hospital for asthma and having swine. I thank all the bloggers who stood by me at those times and made life a little more bearable, even though I was stuck at home. By far the most exciting thing that has happened though, was getting my trumpet. It has enhanced my playing and performance, and I love it to death, of course. The day is almost over, and I am one step closer to high school. What will happen next? 

~~The Cornet Crazie

Halfway there

Hey everybody! Yes, I had a fun time skiing yesterday, mostly carving up the east side and the half-pipe, LOL. My skis were nice and sharp and I only fell once, sliding about 40 ft down the mountain, but thankfully while I was sliding I didn't run into a tree or anything, I just stuck the sharp side of my pole into my rear. Ouch! But other then that it was a gorgeous day, and I had a lot of fun.

And now. I can't believe I am HALFWAY there. Friday was the end of 2nd quarter/1st semester and today is the beginning of 3rd quarter/2nd semester. Wow. Halfway through the year! I feel like it's been this year forever, to be honest. Anyway, that means no more Home Ec and I have to be in Gym instead, but I will have a lot of friends in my gym class so that's OK. Also, we are coming upon my favorite time of the school year. It's what I like to call 'The Band Season'. Why? Because from this week until the end of the year we have increased jazz rehearsals for hours after school, and TONS of extra performances, especially for 8th graders in the jazz band. (8th grade gets to do a lot of special stuff) Our 8th grade band is even going to play at the State House in April, by special invitation! And we are the only band going! It's exciting, and I'll keep you posted with all the fun events. And now, it's off to school for the second half of the year for me!


Tag from Elránia and Gywn

1. Do you like chocolate? Yeah. Especially the REALLY dark stuff. With mint.....

2. Can you climb trees?  Well.....define CAN. Does that include being very bashed up and having to use up your entire Band-Aid supply?

3. What continent would you like to visit? Ooh. I'd like to go to them all, but I'll say Australia.

4. What Chinese year where you born in? The RAT.

5. Are you a terrible artist?  Well, it honestly depends on what I'm drawing. Most still life i'm really good at. People, eh, not so much.

6. List three movies you can't stand watching: Bill Nye the Science Guy (science class :P ), Um...idk?

7. Do you like to get up early or sleep in late? Getting up early every morning at 5:45 is very refreshing. It's also pretty much the only alone time I ever get.

8. What are some of your favorite books? {see profile}

9. Have you seen any of the Star Wars movies? Yes, they're good

10. List three of your favorite Star Wars Characters: I only like R2-D2. Honest.

11. Do you like to play music or do you like to listen to music? Excuse me? WHO are you talking to? I think you know the answer. BOTH!

12. Are you big on sports? Eh. I'd rather be in a marching band competition then a sporting event.

13. Do you read a lot? Yeah! At least, when I have the TIME.

14. Do you like fantasy? Ooh, yeah

15. Have you ever had a caption contest on your blog? One.

16. Do you sing a lot? Yeah, kinda... 

I tag: CherrystarLuv, Oboe.Chick, Ripplestar, Izori, and Hannah. 


Wo-hoo! We are going skiing today! We haven't been in a few weeks, and there is a TON of new snow on the ground. Plus with all the new snow, the mountain is 100% open, with 7 green beginner trails (*sigh* glad that they're aren't any more of those), 23 Blue Intermediate (Bit more my style), and 14 Black Advanced/Expert Only (TOTALLY WHERE I'M SKIING!!!!), 2 AWESOME terrain parks with half-pipes, rails, barrel jumps, etc, 5 lifts, 3 glades, ahhhhhh can't wait.


Daybook, Haiti, Creepiness And Fun Planned For Later :)

Want to do the Teen Girl's Daybook? Find out how here.

Starting time... 9:13 AM
Mood...a mixture
Outside my skys-smiling at me :)
I'm thinking... about Mahoney Idol
I'm reading...Faith, Hope and Ivy June
I'm listening to...The beautiful silence
I'm wearing... jeans, and deep magenta sweater
Yesterday, I...Was at school for all but 3 of my waking hours
I'm excited for...working on our talent show act
I'm sad because...grades closed yesterday and I'm wicked nervous (I've had a hard quarter cause I was sick so much)
I'm hungry for...breakfast
The song stuck inside my head is...Hello Seattle by Owl City
I have gotten at least honors for this quarter
I love...vintage instruments
I loathe...*cough cough* being sick so much
This week, my goal actually remember to do my daybook next week
Did I meet last week's goal?...Yes
Ending time... 9:19 AM
Yesterday was our Bake Sale for Haiti at the drama play and it went soooo well! We ended up making $155.20 that's going straight to the Red Cross. It felt really good to do this. :)

Now for the creepiness. After school yesterday, Ripplestar and I volunteered to clean the Instrument room for our band director. And here's the creepy thing. We were working steadily when I came across this trumpet lying without a case with a bashed in bell and different types of lacquer.  I was beside myself thinking 'ACK! No, this has already happened before here. Why are things starting to go like my novel in real life?' I guess that's what I get for basing some parts of the story on real life. (The two trumpets in the story are VERY real. My band director found them last year in the instrument room.) Anyway, the poor thing probably is beyond repair so my band director said that if the repairman does declare it un-repairable, she's going to give it to me, because I love vintage instruments. Even if they're bashed up. They are still cool.

Finally, today Super Gato and I are going over to Elránia's house to work on our talent show act. Gonna be soooo much fun!  I can't wait to see what Super Gato has come up with for a dance routine :)


Submit A Prayer Request

Is there someone or something that you would like to have prayed for? I'm not talking praying for a present or for that cute guy in room 229 to go out with you, but if your cat went missing, or a family member is sick or something like that. If you would like your prayer to go on the sidebar, comment here at any time and I will put it up there. You can also tell me whenever I should take it down.

Snow, Fundraiser, Honors Band, Etc.

Yeah yeah. My life is really busy so this is a kinda random post, but oh well. It should give you some good insights on my life.

Snow: It just won't stop! Well, i guess it does, for a few hours. But then it comes back drifting softly down. Ahhhhh..............

Fundraiser: Operation Help Haiti is underway! Anna13 and I have posters up all around the school and I put in a couple of announcements as well. We are doing a bake sale at the intermission of the drama production on Friday. I'm excited because I like fundraisers to be FUNdraisers.

Honors Band: Was hilarious. As usual. =]

Trombone Case: I finally got my new one!!!! It's all black, and wicked lightweight, and the best part is that is not plaid and broken like my old one.

Semester: Ends Friday!!! Thankfully, with all the work I did over the weekend, I am ALL caught up from when I was sick. I know I have at least honors, if not high honors.

A New Sidebar Gadget: Yep, this is the 'Praying For...' text gadget. I tried to make it be scrolling pictures, but it wasn't working :'(  Anyway, you can see that I have put some up already, because I've been reading about some concerns in some bloggers lives, and if you want to submit a prayer request you can on this post, or on my next post which will be the official one for that :)


I Love The Smell Of Valve Oil In The Morning...

:P Yuck. Few of you will actually get this post but oh well. I came downstairs at 5:45  this morning and opened up my trumpet case to make sure everything was in working order for jazz band this morning, which it wasn't. With the cold weather, all my valves were frozen tight. Sigh...I get out my blue juice valve oil and set to work. Now let me just give you one little lesson that I learned this morning. NEVER oil your sticky valves before you are fully awake. Sheesh. It REALLY stinks in here, and the stuff won't come off my hands. Oh the life of a musician! :) LOL, sorry that was a wicked random post. Later, I'll tell you about the fundraiser that Anna13 and I are working on for the people in Haiti, we just need to get permission from our principal today :)


About me

Hello readers of Treble Clef! I thought that you all might enjoy an About Me post. I got the idea for the layout from Cassie over at Inside My Mind, thanks Cassie!

I AM: The Cornet Crazie, often shortened here on blogger to my real name, Sally, by my closest friends. I am a 9th grader, age 14. I am a musician, a dreamer, a writer, a student and a friend. The picture on the side looks a lot like me.

I PLAY: With absolute passion. Every note that escapes my instrument has pure emotion. It's not always pretty, especially when I'm just practicing a new piece, but it always has feeling behind it. I hope that when I perform that my talent inspires people. I play trumpet, cornet, trombone, clarinet, mallets, aux. percussion, piano and bass.

I DREAM: Of fulfilling my ambition of being a band director. Teaching others my skill gives me a very good feeling and I know that is what I am destined to do. If there is more music in the world, it just might make it a better place.

I WRITE: My feelings out through poetry, song, and stories. I am now working on finishing up my first novel, Trumpet's Secret which I have been working on for over a year now. I try to put my feelings through my main character, Kasta.

I am The Cornet Crazie.

And the snow drifts gently down all around...

Sigh.....the world outside my window looks so pretty right now. We've probably gotten around 10 inches between last night and today so far. Drifting....snow covered trees......silence.....serenity....

There are several things I would LOVE to be doing right now.

(a. Go outside, lay down in the snow, look up to the sky and just breathe.
(b. Go outside and play around in the snow with XanFan and my dad
(c. Be on the ski mountain
(d. Curl up on my bed with the phone and have a long conversation with Olive Tree or another friend that I don't get to see that often
(e. Sit with my laptop and work on my novel
(f. Sit in a chair by the fireplace with a good book and a bowl of popcorn

Don't all of those options sound LOVELY? Sigh.... Unfortunately I can't do ANY of them because I'm stuck inside working on homework, just like I was on Saturday. Honestly, what's the point of having a long weekend if the only thing you do on two of the days is do homework???


Snow Tubing and Quiz

PHEW! I just got back from snow tubing with my YM group and it was soooo much fun! :) We went to this great park and you would just fly down the hill. It was great. We also had a great church service today, wish a very interesting sermon!

Anyway, now I'm back from tubing and REALLY craving some french fries, so I just popped some in the oven. Yum! :)

Also, I created this fun quiz today that I think you'll enjoy. Take it and tell me what you got. My result was YELLOW.

What is your TRUE color?
Your Result: Yellow
You scored as YELLOW. You are a very happy, go with the flow kind of person. You have a dazzling smile that almost always lights up your face and you love to paint abstract pictures. You are very kind and love helping charities and organizations.
What is your TRUE color?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz


Projects, Questions and Tragedy

Firstly, I am working on a couple of big projects this weekend for school (a quilt and a grammar rule booklet) and I hope to post some pics of my quilt when I'm done! 

Also, I realized that I ask you guys questions, but I've never given you a chance to ask ME questions. So if you have some unanswered questions (blogger appropriate please) please comment on this post and I will answer then soon on a new FAQ's page.

Finally, I believe that you all have heard about the horrible earthquake in Haiti. Please pray for these people. We have been able to get in some help, but the 72 hour mark is drawing to a close and all the missing people will then be proclaimed dead. Olive Tree has done a very nice post here that I encourage you to read. Please keep these poor people in your thoughts.



365 Days.

436 Posts.


One Year of Treble Clef

For the newer people here, and for all of you, here is a special post


Blog Names: Cornet Crazie In Action, Treble Clef

Usernames: Spottedstar28, Spottedstar, •The Cornet Crazie•, Princess of the Instruments, The Cornet Crazie

Avatars: Too many to count!

Templates: Rounders 4, Minema

Backgrounds: Certainly Celery, Olive Tree Musical, Olive Tree Winter Wonderland, Olive Tree Basic Brown

Headers: This is one of the first headers that Olive Tree made. EVER!

And then the Treble Clef basic, and Treble Clef Fall, and Treble Clef Winter Wonderland and this current one!

I've also been remembering some fun times on this blog. I remember when Olive Tree thought it would be funny to put my cornet on a shrine so that I could worship it:

 And look at the very first post I ever made on this blog exactly ONE YEAR AGO:

"Hey I'm a 7th grade student and my absolute favorite subject is band. My friends say I'm obsessed
and I've got to say that they're right. And I play the cornet, totally the best instrument EVER but of course others seem to differ from that!

Wow. I am SO much of a better writer now.

And who could forget the day I found a drumstick in my locker? Or the day when there was just a random flute lying around in the auditorium? Or my first (very bad) attempt at Photoshop? Or- I could go on forever and name something from each and every post, but I won't do that, because it would get boring. Anyway, this blog is great, but the thing that makes it great is not only me, but mostly my followers. Because you comment and follow, and if you hadn't I probably would have quit blogging. Thanks you guys, now let's go PARTY!!!!!!!


One Of The Survivors

I've been reading this really great book called 'One of the Survivors' and it's really good. It's kind of short, but you really need to be a really good reader to be able to comprehend the text. It's about this boy named Joey and it's the summer after 9th grade. Well, the story basically goes like this: A year and a half before, his mom dies in a fire, rendering him very afraid of fire. In May of his freshman year he is in History class and the school is testing the new alarm system. But Joey thinks that one of the times that it isn't a test, and because of his fear, his instinct is to get out of the building FAST. His best friend Maureen goes with them, and as they walk around to the other side of the building they see the rest of the classes in the parking lot and flames engulfing the building. But the rest of the History class dies because there is so much smoke. 24 Dead, 2 Survivors But their problems don't stop there because everybody now thinks that Joey and Maureen set the fire because they were the only 2 in their class who know to get out. Anyway, I'm almost done and I'm excited to find out what the ending is!

Semester and Cold

Yes, I'm still sick, but back at school. You may have noticed that I'm not posting every day right now, but there's a reason! The semester and quarter end next Friday, the 22nd, and so I'm going to be wicked busy with end-of-term projects, tests, and make-up work from when I have been out. So, I hope to be posting soon, but not as often until after next Friday.



Wow! 2010 has only just begun, but I'm almost halfway through may 8th grade year (omg!) and tonight I'm signing up for all my high school classes! (omg again!) Luckily, I am going tonight already knowing what I am signing up for. Here's the list-

Math 2 (I'm taking Math 1 now, I skipped 8th grade Math)

French 2 (Same deal as above)

9th Grade English (Sooo not happy about this one. My lexile scores are way above grade level {they're the equivalent of a collage graduate's level} but I can't take a higher class, and my schedule just doesn't allow the critical thinking course. :P)

World History (Should be interesting. I hope....)

Honors Biology (One of the hardest classes my school offers; is often done sophomore or junior year. But, I want to get to chemistry faster and what-not. Besides, it'll be fun!)

Lab/Workshop (Most of these blocks will be for my Bio lab, but I'll get a couple study halls in there too)

And finally--- CONCERT BAND! How could I go without this? :) I'll be doing jazz band, marching band and the musical as after school activities too.



Here is the header for IslandClan. Remember to change your template to Minema!

And Kenzie, here is your post divider!

A Day Late Daybook

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Starting time... 3:07 PM
Outside my window...there's a deceivingly blue sky 
I'm thinking... about my DuPont Essay
I'm reading... A Break With Charity (About the Salem Witch Trials)
I'm listening to...Patriots game
I'm wearing... jeans, and purple knit sweater
Yesterday, I...lounged around the house all day
I'm excited for...working on our talent show act
I'm sad because...I'm still kinda sick
I'm hungry for...popcorn
The song stuck inside my head is...idk
I not be sick anymore
I love...blogging
I loathe...not being able to think up something to post
This week, my goal learn 3 more notes on the clarinet
Did I meet last week's goal?...Yes
Ending time... 3:12 PM


Sidebar Buttons!

Want cool things to put in your sidebar? I've got some for you! I was bored and playing around with Photoshop and created some neat buttons that you can put in your sidebars if you want to!

Enjoy the goodies!

For the lack of anything good to post about....

I can't think. I can't think. What should I post about? Hmmmmm. Well, yesterday I went back to school and that was good, and in training jazz the electric piano got out of tune. Like, how does that even happen? I've never heard of that before. And then I found this AWESOME doodle font at that has been a lot of fun to play with. This is my finest product with it so far:

Yeah, I like it. Other news is that tomorrow I'm playing in church...and also starting my conformation class. Argh. Yes I know this was a lame-o post. I'll think of something better to write later.


Winners of the Caption Contest!

Well, that was i fun contest, I believe! I LOVED reading all of your answers and I finally got it down to 2 winners. And the lucky 2 are.....

Kenzie and Eldarwen

Great job guys! You now get any custom design element of your choice (except background) and this little award I whipped up.



Caption Contest

You know how when I'm home sick I do a lot of random posts and contest-y things? Well, you can probably see that this is following that same pattern. So here's a contest for you. A caption contest, to be exact. All you have to do is create funny, sarcastic captions for the 8 pictures below. The theme is 'cats' and the winner gets a design element of their choice (not a background)

So here goes!









What are these cats thinking? YOU tell ME.

Another Discussion Board

I'm staying home again today, because I'm really sick still. :P

Anyhoo, since I think some of you enjoyed our last discussion board, I thought that we would re-visit it.

This week's question is from Glow Fish

Why can't penguins fly?

So comment with your answer and a new question!


10,000 Trains

That's how I feel right now. Like I've been run over by 10,000 trains. Yes, I'm home sick. AGAIN. Hopefully will go to the doctor later and I'll tel the outcome. I just don't have the energy to write anymore...



Well, after some complaining and grumbling on the subject I finally got my first lesson on clarinet playing from my band director. And you know what? IT WASN'T AN EPIC FAIL. Yep, that's right. I really didn't do that bad after all! Of course, it does have it's troubles, like the reed breaking, and getting used to a new embouchure etc., but it's great fun! I can't take it home yet because my director only has 1 extra mouthpiece, but a new one should be arriving very soon, and then I can bring it home. EXCITING!

But now it's homework time. Anyone have a good idea for an invention that would help people?



Yeah, random post coming up. I'll start off talking about yesterday. Yesterday afternoon Bella came over and we went sledding. There has been this HUGE snowstorm coming through and it hasn't stopped yet, so the sledding was good. It was really cold and windy, but we were able to make it through a whole hour of fun.

Today I went to church, and I really enjoyed the sermon. There were so few people there because of the storm, so that was really cool. This afternoon I have to transpose a piece of music and clean out my closet. A REAL chore. I actually think that I will try the Horsefeathers Closet Project approach. At least, that might make it a little more fun. :) And then......tomorrow we go back to school. Darn. It's been a nice vacation. BUT........I start clarinet tomorrow, so that is one good thing.

Finally, here's a tag from Dreamstar


Where is your cell phone? backpack

Significant other? um...

Your mother? office

Your father? island

Your favorite thing? band

Your dream last night? strange

Your favorite drink? cranberry

What room are you in? living

Your hobby? music

Your fear? smashing

Where do you want to be in 6 years? collage

Where were you last night? bedroom

Something that you aren't? bored

Wish list item? camera

Last thing you did? church

What are you wearing? clothes

TV? panasonic

Name one of your pets: none

Friends? best

Your life? good

Your mood? neutral

Missing someone? idk

Drinking? no

Your car? none

Something you're not wearing? shoes

Your favorite store? music

Your favorite color? green

When is the last time you cried? idk

Where do you go to over and over? band

Favorite place to eat? home
Favorite place I'd like to be at right now? band

I tag:


Bear with me please

Want to do the Teen Girl's Daybook? Find out how here.

Starting time... 8:11 AM time
Outside my window... It's snowing hard
I'm thinking... about January 15th
I'm reading... Syren
I'm listening to... Urk-Hai
I'm wearing... jeans, and pink and gray shirt
Yesterday, I...was glad it as 2010
I'm excited for...January 15th
I'm sad because...We go back to school on Monday
I'm hungry for...pancakes
The song stuck inside my head is...The Planets
I have a snow day Monday
I love...skiing
I loathe...the end of vacation
This week, my goal finish updating this blog
Did I meet last week's goal?...Yes
Ending time... 8:14 AM

That was the easy part. The daybook. EASY. Now for the hard stuff. As you've probably noticed, this blog is under construction and quite a bit crowded. Now, Olive Tree promises that she has a post divider, sidebar labels, and things to go under my header coming up. (Olive Tree, if it's possible that those can be done ASAP that would be AWESOME) But, I have some sidebar work to do, cleaning up some of my pages, etc. But, it's all gotta be done by the 15th, my blogoversary. So bear with me, keep checking out my pages, and we'll have everything under control for the 15th



Well, it's 2010! A whole new decade, and a whole new year of blogging! (Blogoversary on the 15th!)

Skiing was good and so was the party I went to yesterday. And now it's snowing! A HUGE storm is coming through this weekend, so it's a great start to a new year! WA-HOO!

Resolutions anybody?