Daybook, Haiti, Creepiness And Fun Planned For Later :)

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Starting time... 9:13 AM
Mood...a mixture
Outside my skys-smiling at me :)
I'm thinking... about Mahoney Idol
I'm reading...Faith, Hope and Ivy June
I'm listening to...The beautiful silence
I'm wearing... jeans, and deep magenta sweater
Yesterday, I...Was at school for all but 3 of my waking hours
I'm excited for...working on our talent show act
I'm sad because...grades closed yesterday and I'm wicked nervous (I've had a hard quarter cause I was sick so much)
I'm hungry for...breakfast
The song stuck inside my head is...Hello Seattle by Owl City
I have gotten at least honors for this quarter
I love...vintage instruments
I loathe...*cough cough* being sick so much
This week, my goal actually remember to do my daybook next week
Did I meet last week's goal?...Yes
Ending time... 9:19 AM
Yesterday was our Bake Sale for Haiti at the drama play and it went soooo well! We ended up making $155.20 that's going straight to the Red Cross. It felt really good to do this. :)

Now for the creepiness. After school yesterday, Ripplestar and I volunteered to clean the Instrument room for our band director. And here's the creepy thing. We were working steadily when I came across this trumpet lying without a case with a bashed in bell and different types of lacquer.  I was beside myself thinking 'ACK! No, this has already happened before here. Why are things starting to go like my novel in real life?' I guess that's what I get for basing some parts of the story on real life. (The two trumpets in the story are VERY real. My band director found them last year in the instrument room.) Anyway, the poor thing probably is beyond repair so my band director said that if the repairman does declare it un-repairable, she's going to give it to me, because I love vintage instruments. Even if they're bashed up. They are still cool.

Finally, today Super Gato and I are going over to Elránia's house to work on our talent show act. Gonna be soooo much fun!  I can't wait to see what Super Gato has come up with for a dance routine :)


Anonymous said...

What's this about you quitting Blogger? Call me plz, after 3 today.

Glow Fish said...

Very creepy indeed.
OOO your so lucky! At my school they decided to do a science fair instead of a talent show. :( Even after we made a Petition and got exactly 100 siggies!!