Bear with me please

Want to do the Teen Girl's Daybook? Find out how here.

Starting time... 8:11 AM time
Outside my window... It's snowing hard
I'm thinking... about January 15th
I'm reading... Syren
I'm listening to... Urk-Hai
I'm wearing... jeans, and pink and gray shirt
Yesterday, I...was glad it as 2010
I'm excited for...January 15th
I'm sad because...We go back to school on Monday
I'm hungry for...pancakes
The song stuck inside my head is...The Planets
I have a snow day Monday
I love...skiing
I loathe...the end of vacation
This week, my goal finish updating this blog
Did I meet last week's goal?...Yes
Ending time... 8:14 AM

That was the easy part. The daybook. EASY. Now for the hard stuff. As you've probably noticed, this blog is under construction and quite a bit crowded. Now, Olive Tree promises that she has a post divider, sidebar labels, and things to go under my header coming up. (Olive Tree, if it's possible that those can be done ASAP that would be AWESOME) But, I have some sidebar work to do, cleaning up some of my pages, etc. But, it's all gotta be done by the 15th, my blogoversary. So bear with me, keep checking out my pages, and we'll have everything under control for the 15th

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