Caption Contest

You know how when I'm home sick I do a lot of random posts and contest-y things? Well, you can probably see that this is following that same pattern. So here's a contest for you. A caption contest, to be exact. All you have to do is create funny, sarcastic captions for the 8 pictures below. The theme is 'cats' and the winner gets a design element of their choice (not a background)

So here goes!









What are these cats thinking? YOU tell ME.


XanFan said...

1.ill bite your tongue off too if you don't watch out.

2.ok, thats wrong they are using the sink like a couch violation of the rules number 6 - 4 paragraph 7.

3.ill kill you with my unblinking golden eyes. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!, can you tell me why our cat is pink? waiting for you to climb into my mouth, any time now...

6.i think i could squeeze in between those two.

7.switch places and then you'll get something accomplished.

8.shhhh i'm hunting wabbits.

Izori said...

#2. Older Cat: *sigh*. Can't ANYONE enjoy a nice, peaceful bath without a kid barging in?

#3. Okay, now you did it, buddy boy! No one messes with MY teddy bear!

#8. ...uh, weird person with a camera, what are you doing?

Those are mine. Not the best.

Eldarwen said...

1) Cat shown in pic: "I am half vampire, half cat."
Other cat: "No way!"
Cat shown in pic: "Yes way. I'll show you..."

2) Big cat: "I told you, don't disturb me when I'm in the hot tub."
Little cat: "But-but I-" *looks up at bigger cat with pleading eyes*

3) "Yes, I have a double chin, what's it to you?"

4) Doctor (not shown): "Say 'ahh'"
Cat: "ahhh..."

5) Cat: *looks up at camera* "I think I found it! I did! I found the dog's bone! Yes, now we can hide it somewhere else and he'll never find it! *evil laugh*"

6) Cat on the left: "Please don't de-claw us. We're so precious and we'll never ever scratch you again."
Cat on the right: "*licks lips* You're lookin' mighty tasty..."

7) Orange cat: "I lost my job! *cries*"
Brownish cat: "Come here, come here. *hugs orange cat* Everything's gonna be alright."

8) ? (couldn't think of one).

That was fun! They're lame captions, but I had fun anyway! =D


☮CherrystarLuv✿ said...

1. YES I'm tired cause ive been chasing squirrels all day! I'm really MAD at the squirrel that threw an acorn at me!

2. Just washin' and him? Oh Yes! He's two-in-one! My butler AND a chair!

3. Staring isn't nice! (to himself) people can't GLARE! It's rude!

4. It's hard work being this cute! Wait... Is it?

5. This club is for Club Members ONLY! GET OUT!

6. Who's cuter? ME!
There really isn't a difference. So it's a tie.

7. Good-bye My Love! Be Safe!

8. I wasn't reading... I was...uhhh...glaring! Now Get Out! I'm in a bad mood!

(im emailing this to you too)

☮CherrystarLuv✿ said...

Last one I said, "glaring," I meant "eating".

Anonymous said...

1. "Hey doc. I got a mouse ball, could you get it out?"
2. "Ahem, a little privacy please?"
3. "Hand over the cupcake or I'll blast you with my laser eyes."
4. "Man, dat was funny!!"
5. "Dangit, you scared the mouse away!"
6. "Uhh...She did it! No he did it!"
7. "Don't bite... I'm here to help!"
8. "After much research, I have concluded that woman is cat's best friends."

Thank you, I hope I win! :)

*Ripplestar* said...

1. Get back or I'll claw your ears!
2. I'm in Mama's lap again!
3. Smile for the camera!
4. AAAHHHH, everyone ate the fresh-kill!
5. You woke me up from my nap!
6. Who me? You mean us!
7. Yuck, I'll have that taste in my mouth for days!
8. Well, excuse me! I didn't know it was YOUR chair!

Twinkle Toes said...

Well this has nothing really to do with the post...but I just had a question.
For the header, what did you use to make the character? Did you draw it and digitalize it or use a website or something? Or did Olive Tree do it for you?
Hehe sorry I just wanted to know if I could make my own.

Anonymous said...

Twinkle Toes, I used a basic vector and customized it, yes. Tricky stuff.