Snow Tubing and Quiz

PHEW! I just got back from snow tubing with my YM group and it was soooo much fun! :) We went to this great park and you would just fly down the hill. It was great. We also had a great church service today, wish a very interesting sermon!

Anyway, now I'm back from tubing and REALLY craving some french fries, so I just popped some in the oven. Yum! :)

Also, I created this fun quiz today that I think you'll enjoy. Take it and tell me what you got. My result was YELLOW.

What is your TRUE color?
Your Result: Yellow
You scored as YELLOW. You are a very happy, go with the flow kind of person. You have a dazzling smile that almost always lights up your face and you love to paint abstract pictures. You are very kind and love helping charities and organizations.
What is your TRUE color?
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*Ripplestar* said...

NOOOOO! My result was yellow too! The Slucy strikes again!

Olive Tree said...

I'm blue ^_^

fallenleaf said...

wow!!!!!!! my favorite color is purple and I got purple!!! :)