And the snow drifts gently down all around...

Sigh.....the world outside my window looks so pretty right now. We've probably gotten around 10 inches between last night and today so far. Drifting....snow covered trees......silence.....serenity....

There are several things I would LOVE to be doing right now.

(a. Go outside, lay down in the snow, look up to the sky and just breathe.
(b. Go outside and play around in the snow with XanFan and my dad
(c. Be on the ski mountain
(d. Curl up on my bed with the phone and have a long conversation with Olive Tree or another friend that I don't get to see that often
(e. Sit with my laptop and work on my novel
(f. Sit in a chair by the fireplace with a good book and a bowl of popcorn

Don't all of those options sound LOVELY? Sigh.... Unfortunately I can't do ANY of them because I'm stuck inside working on homework, just like I was on Saturday. Honestly, what's the point of having a long weekend if the only thing you do on two of the days is do homework???

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