Wow! 2010 has only just begun, but I'm almost halfway through may 8th grade year (omg!) and tonight I'm signing up for all my high school classes! (omg again!) Luckily, I am going tonight already knowing what I am signing up for. Here's the list-

Math 2 (I'm taking Math 1 now, I skipped 8th grade Math)

French 2 (Same deal as above)

9th Grade English (Sooo not happy about this one. My lexile scores are way above grade level {they're the equivalent of a collage graduate's level} but I can't take a higher class, and my schedule just doesn't allow the critical thinking course. :P)

World History (Should be interesting. I hope....)

Honors Biology (One of the hardest classes my school offers; is often done sophomore or junior year. But, I want to get to chemistry faster and what-not. Besides, it'll be fun!)

Lab/Workshop (Most of these blocks will be for my Bio lab, but I'll get a couple study halls in there too)

And finally--- CONCERT BAND! How could I go without this? :) I'll be doing jazz band, marching band and the musical as after school activities too.

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