One Of The Survivors

I've been reading this really great book called 'One of the Survivors' and it's really good. It's kind of short, but you really need to be a really good reader to be able to comprehend the text. It's about this boy named Joey and it's the summer after 9th grade. Well, the story basically goes like this: A year and a half before, his mom dies in a fire, rendering him very afraid of fire. In May of his freshman year he is in History class and the school is testing the new alarm system. But Joey thinks that one of the times that it isn't a test, and because of his fear, his instinct is to get out of the building FAST. His best friend Maureen goes with them, and as they walk around to the other side of the building they see the rest of the classes in the parking lot and flames engulfing the building. But the rest of the History class dies because there is so much smoke. 24 Dead, 2 Survivors But their problems don't stop there because everybody now thinks that Joey and Maureen set the fire because they were the only 2 in their class who know to get out. Anyway, I'm almost done and I'm excited to find out what the ending is!


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SOunds interesting. I'm gonna go check it out :)