Tag from Elránia and Gywn

1. Do you like chocolate? Yeah. Especially the REALLY dark stuff. With mint.....

2. Can you climb trees?  Well.....define CAN. Does that include being very bashed up and having to use up your entire Band-Aid supply?

3. What continent would you like to visit? Ooh. I'd like to go to them all, but I'll say Australia.

4. What Chinese year where you born in? The RAT.

5. Are you a terrible artist?  Well, it honestly depends on what I'm drawing. Most still life i'm really good at. People, eh, not so much.

6. List three movies you can't stand watching: Bill Nye the Science Guy (science class :P ), Um...idk?

7. Do you like to get up early or sleep in late? Getting up early every morning at 5:45 is very refreshing. It's also pretty much the only alone time I ever get.

8. What are some of your favorite books? {see profile}

9. Have you seen any of the Star Wars movies? Yes, they're good

10. List three of your favorite Star Wars Characters: I only like R2-D2. Honest.

11. Do you like to play music or do you like to listen to music? Excuse me? WHO are you talking to? I think you know the answer. BOTH!

12. Are you big on sports? Eh. I'd rather be in a marching band competition then a sporting event.

13. Do you read a lot? Yeah! At least, when I have the TIME.

14. Do you like fantasy? Ooh, yeah

15. Have you ever had a caption contest on your blog? One.

16. Do you sing a lot? Yeah, kinda... 

I tag: CherrystarLuv, Oboe.Chick, Ripplestar, Izori, and Hannah. 

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