An Intriguing Specimen

Bunches of photos coming up in a moment (FINALLY!!!!) and here's what they are of. Remember last Friday when I told you about the trumpet I found while cleaning out the instrument room? Well, today was trial day for it and the verdict was that it was completely beyond repair. So, my band director, who had no use for it any more, gave it to yours truly. And now for the pictures. (Also I finally made a brush for signing my photos!)

The beat up case.

The crushed bell. If you look closely, you can make out the name 'Rudy Mück on the bell. I think that the first owner must have just wanted his name engraved on the bell.

The trumpet in its case.

Close up of the bell.

Dents in the leadpipe curve.

Valves and second slide.

Bell again. YES I AM holding it at the top. :)

The bellpipe. States the instrument's name. Conn 'Conductor' model. (Trumpet equivalent of Conn 'Director' cornet. That's what I have.)


Katie G. said...

Wow! That is one beat up trumpet!

Ripplestar said...

WE found it. WE. Not just you, We. Poor Weno. He couldn't get fixed...

•The Cornet Crazie• said...

Katie G- don't i know it!

Ripplestar- i was referring to the person who spotted it and pulled it out. yes you were there, but i was the one who found it. and for the last time, it's name is NOT weno!