Projects, Questions and Tragedy

Firstly, I am working on a couple of big projects this weekend for school (a quilt and a grammar rule booklet) and I hope to post some pics of my quilt when I'm done! 

Also, I realized that I ask you guys questions, but I've never given you a chance to ask ME questions. So if you have some unanswered questions (blogger appropriate please) please comment on this post and I will answer then soon on a new FAQ's page.

Finally, I believe that you all have heard about the horrible earthquake in Haiti. Please pray for these people. We have been able to get in some help, but the 72 hour mark is drawing to a close and all the missing people will then be proclaimed dead. Olive Tree has done a very nice post here that I encourage you to read. Please keep these poor people in your thoughts.


Glow Fish said...

I've been praying for them and contine you to. My youth group and I are going to try and raise money for them. :)

I have a question: Do you still like Warriors?

*Ripplestar* said...