About me

Hello readers of Treble Clef! I thought that you all might enjoy an About Me post. I got the idea for the layout from Cassie over at Inside My Mind, thanks Cassie!

I AM: The Cornet Crazie, often shortened here on blogger to my real name, Sally, by my closest friends. I am a 9th grader, age 14. I am a musician, a dreamer, a writer, a student and a friend. The picture on the side looks a lot like me.

I PLAY: With absolute passion. Every note that escapes my instrument has pure emotion. It's not always pretty, especially when I'm just practicing a new piece, but it always has feeling behind it. I hope that when I perform that my talent inspires people. I play trumpet, cornet, trombone, clarinet, mallets, aux. percussion, piano and bass.

I DREAM: Of fulfilling my ambition of being a band director. Teaching others my skill gives me a very good feeling and I know that is what I am destined to do. If there is more music in the world, it just might make it a better place.

I WRITE: My feelings out through poetry, song, and stories. I am now working on finishing up my first novel, Trumpet's Secret which I have been working on for over a year now. I try to put my feelings through my main character, Kasta.

I am The Cornet Crazie.


Anonymous said...

Incidentally, Cassie got the layout from ME. ;)

Cassie said...

Ha-ha, I just saw Olive Tree's comment.

I was just commenting to tell you that I got the layout from her!

I'm glad that you liked mine, but I must give credit where credit is due and I did originally get the idea from HorseFeathers. =D

In Christ,

•The Cornet Crazie• said...

LOL. Olive Tree, I must have missed that post. :) Thanks to both for clearing that up!

Eldarwen said...

Cool! That was fun to read! I'll probably do that as part of my celebration for my blog's 1 year anniversary this March. :) (((hugs)))