Snow, Fundraiser, Honors Band, Etc.

Yeah yeah. My life is really busy so this is a kinda random post, but oh well. It should give you some good insights on my life.

Snow: It just won't stop! Well, i guess it does, for a few hours. But then it comes back drifting softly down. Ahhhhh..............

Fundraiser: Operation Help Haiti is underway! Anna13 and I have posters up all around the school and I put in a couple of announcements as well. We are doing a bake sale at the intermission of the drama production on Friday. I'm excited because I like fundraisers to be FUNdraisers.

Honors Band: Was hilarious. As usual. =]

Trombone Case: I finally got my new one!!!! It's all black, and wicked lightweight, and the best part is that is not plaid and broken like my old one.

Semester: Ends Friday!!! Thankfully, with all the work I did over the weekend, I am ALL caught up from when I was sick. I know I have at least honors, if not high honors.

A New Sidebar Gadget: Yep, this is the 'Praying For...' text gadget. I tried to make it be scrolling pictures, but it wasn't working :'(  Anyway, you can see that I have put some up already, because I've been reading about some concerns in some bloggers lives, and if you want to submit a prayer request you can on this post, or on my next post which will be the official one for that :)

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Ripplestar said...

I'm helping with the bake sale! It's gonna be exciting!
"Hey, kid. Buy a brownie or I'll set Prince Hugo and Terence on you!" Heh heh, it'll be great. I'm joking. i'll be nice to the kids. Except Liam. And Chuckie if he turns up. And anyone else who gets solos.