I Love The Smell Of Valve Oil In The Morning...

:P Yuck. Few of you will actually get this post but oh well. I came downstairs at 5:45  this morning and opened up my trumpet case to make sure everything was in working order for jazz band this morning, which it wasn't. With the cold weather, all my valves were frozen tight. Sigh...I get out my blue juice valve oil and set to work. Now let me just give you one little lesson that I learned this morning. NEVER oil your sticky valves before you are fully awake. Sheesh. It REALLY stinks in here, and the stuff won't come off my hands. Oh the life of a musician! :) LOL, sorry that was a wicked random post. Later, I'll tell you about the fundraiser that Anna13 and I are working on for the people in Haiti, we just need to get permission from our principal today :)


Anonymous said...

Corn is delicious.

Anonymous said...

Y'know. Just FYI.