Last Snow Day

Well I used to think that last weeks snow day was bad but.......... now it seems that I will have another 4 band Tuesday this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So it wasn't all bad. Only thing is we're suposed to get a lot more snow this week...........................on Tuesday. That's not so cool I don't want to miss my 4 band Tuesday or else it will turn into a 2 band Wednesday. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Well gotta go hit the slopes at Shawnee Peak now. Bye!


Jazz Band!

One of my favorite bands is performance jazz band. We practice before school and I'm always there @ 7:00 in the morning. We just had an awesome rehearsal. We're getting ready for the district jazz festival in a couple weeks. And then comes states when we will be up against people like Rainfire's band. HAHAHA Rainfire are you ready? Anyway we have 3 awesome songs. Band's the best!


Grrrrrrrrrr Snow! =[

I love snow but I HATE snow days. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr today's one. I'm missing 7th grade band!!!!!!!!!!!!! So anyway GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


best kind of day

In my opinion the best days are day 2 or 4 Tuesdays. (our school runs on a 6 day rotation) At 7 o'clock I'm at school ready for jazz band. Then in p-2 I've got band sectional. Jump ahead to p-7 workshop and on day 2 I've got 7 grade band and on day 4 I've got 8 grade band. And then after school honors band. Phew! That was today and now my lips are al flabby from playing so many high notes. Wa wa wa wa wa wa. Ugh.



Too bad ther's no band today. But there's chorus! So all in all not the worst day ever.........



My profile picture over there is what Spottedstar would look like as a cat!

Cool Fact

Say that you have math test. Kids/People who study math before it do worse than people who have been in band or playing an instrument. It's fasinating!
~ ~


OK person face ya'think?


I'm back! Other than playing my cornet I love to downhill ski and play other sports like field hockey (I'm a goalie!) and softball (I'm a shortstop/2nd base player) And I love to read and write. Gotta go!



Hey I'm a 7th grade student and my absolute favorite subject is band. My friends say I'm obsessed
and I've got to say that they're right. And I play the cornet, totally the best instrument EVER but of course others seem to differ from that!