i desperately need another vacation

i'm stressed out and tired. therefore i refuse to use capital letters. ha. 
four days (including today) since i got back from vermont. three of actually not being on vacation.
and already i need another one.


-got up early because of church, but was tired because of the late trumpet party saturday night
-went to church, sang in choir, actually listened to the sermon....just kidding, i usually do that
-went home and began to work on my homework
-was distracted in homework because people in my family decided to be loud talkers
-finally finished long boring homework
-put up christmas decorations around the house. wanted to find specific decorations, and of course, didn't 
-went with my brother to game night with youth ministry
-played intense games of sardines, which was fun
-found out that vegan cheese is gross; therefore never going vegan
-was informed that i no longer had a joseph for my christmas pageant, obviously a major problem
-went home, began to decorate tree, but stressed out about joseph problem
-stressed out about pageant, annoyed that vacation was over, resulted in a very bad restless night


-woke up early, already very tired because of aforementioned sleepless night
-got ready for school, groggy, monday-after-vacation-ness
-went to school......nothing exciting happened....except for getting a pile of homework and a large inscription on my english teacher's board that said 'warning! intense work week!'
-went to jazz ensemble which was fun, except for the fact that i really wanted to go sleep the entire time
-went home for about two seconds
-went to church to have conversation about joseph problem, and semi-resolved it
-went and had good but hard trumpet lesson....brain was completely fried resulting in forgetting that fourths and fifths were not major and minor, but augmented and diminished....
-went home and ate yummy kale and bean soup whose broth was addicting
-did pile of homework.....worked hard.....went to bed at a reasonable hour


-woke up late (6:00)
-was very very rushed getting ready for school and was out the door a few minutes later than usual
-had even longer day at school and was given about fifteen piles of homework
-went to jazz band, jammed out on trombone, had fun
-dashed home for about two seconds (literally)
-went to friendly's with my mom and brother for a florida trip fundraiser, goofed off with anna
-went to handbell choir and regular choir at church for very long, tiring rehearsal, not looking forward to homework when i got home
-got home at nine o'clock, the homework commenced
-worked crazy hard for a really really really long time until i had finished literally everything
-finally fell into bed at midnight

and so today was a long tiring boring day and now i want to sleep. bye.


Snowy Holiday

It snowed right before Halloween, and there was still snow on the ground on the night of the thirty-first. It sleeted on Veteran's Day. (Much to our dismay, as we had to march in it....) And then it snowed on Thanksgiving. If the trend stays, we'll have a white Christmas. (Speaking of Christmas.....the holiday playlist is up, and soon I'll host my annual carol contest- check back for that!) Or, as my luck usually goes, it will be green on Christmas. And if I'm REALLY unlucky, it will rain. That would be a jolly Christmas....NOT. 
Anyway, we got quite a lot of the white powdery stuff here in Vermont, and it made for some really nice picture taking. 

Of course, it isn't quite as pretty now, a lot has melted. It's ok though, because I'm heading home today and I'd rather not drive in a bunch of slush. Driving in slush is awful. I wonder how much snow we'll have at home.....probably not as much as here because we're on the coast, and Vermont is landlocked. Whatever the case, I hope it stays.
Did any of you get snow over the holiday?


Happy Thanksgiving! (i.e. I'M BACK)

NaNoWriMo.....let's just not talk about it. I've learned over the past few years that my life is just too busy to write a novel in a month. So let's not talk about it. Thank you.

But this means I'm back blogging I guess. It's been a busy month.....
First quarter of school ended at the beginning of the month and I finished with great grades, as always. We actually got a first look at our transcripts too, and I was very happy to see my 4.0 GPA. 

I've been quite busy with music too. Marching band is officially over; we played the Veteran's Day parade, and had our final banquet. For the banquet, all off the seniors made the underclassmen special 'paper plate awards' and I got 'Most dedicated'. That's pretty cool. I also got this sweet trophy for being recognized as one of three of the best musicians in our band of over eighty people. I was extremely excited about that one. Jazz season has started and I'm playing trumpet in our top band and trombone in our second band. Fiddler pit band rehearsals will also be starting after vacation which will be quite awesome. 
I've had some gigs to play for too. I accompanied a jazz piece at a piano recital, and got to play trumpet and flugelhorn at my church fair last Saturday. I'm working on a piece for an advent vespers service as well. I'm also directing my church's Christmas pageant which has made me EXTREMELY busy.

Anyway...that's what I've been up to. The short version anyway. So with all of that, it's been nice to get away and spend this week relaxing in Vermont. It's very snowy here, and cold, and very very quiet and chill. Excellent. 

Oh and do me a favor will you? Go over to Horsefeathers and drop Olivia a sweet comment. She needs it. :)