Snowy Holiday

It snowed right before Halloween, and there was still snow on the ground on the night of the thirty-first. It sleeted on Veteran's Day. (Much to our dismay, as we had to march in it....) And then it snowed on Thanksgiving. If the trend stays, we'll have a white Christmas. (Speaking of Christmas.....the holiday playlist is up, and soon I'll host my annual carol contest- check back for that!) Or, as my luck usually goes, it will be green on Christmas. And if I'm REALLY unlucky, it will rain. That would be a jolly Christmas....NOT. 
Anyway, we got quite a lot of the white powdery stuff here in Vermont, and it made for some really nice picture taking. 

Of course, it isn't quite as pretty now, a lot has melted. It's ok though, because I'm heading home today and I'd rather not drive in a bunch of slush. Driving in slush is awful. I wonder how much snow we'll have at home.....probably not as much as here because we're on the coast, and Vermont is landlocked. Whatever the case, I hope it stays.
Did any of you get snow over the holiday?


Britt said...

What beautiful pictures of the snow. Wouldn't that be nice if we could have a White Christmas. That is neat that it snowed on Thanksgiving. I love when it does. Great post!!

Jazzie. said...

Hmm.. that is quite a bit of snow(:
We just got our first flurries today.
I am not ready for cold yet! Haha!
Cute blog(:
God bless you, sweet girl!
xxo, Jazzie