i desperately need another vacation

i'm stressed out and tired. therefore i refuse to use capital letters. ha. 
four days (including today) since i got back from vermont. three of actually not being on vacation.
and already i need another one.


-got up early because of church, but was tired because of the late trumpet party saturday night
-went to church, sang in choir, actually listened to the sermon....just kidding, i usually do that
-went home and began to work on my homework
-was distracted in homework because people in my family decided to be loud talkers
-finally finished long boring homework
-put up christmas decorations around the house. wanted to find specific decorations, and of course, didn't 
-went with my brother to game night with youth ministry
-played intense games of sardines, which was fun
-found out that vegan cheese is gross; therefore never going vegan
-was informed that i no longer had a joseph for my christmas pageant, obviously a major problem
-went home, began to decorate tree, but stressed out about joseph problem
-stressed out about pageant, annoyed that vacation was over, resulted in a very bad restless night


-woke up early, already very tired because of aforementioned sleepless night
-got ready for school, groggy, monday-after-vacation-ness
-went to school......nothing exciting happened....except for getting a pile of homework and a large inscription on my english teacher's board that said 'warning! intense work week!'
-went to jazz ensemble which was fun, except for the fact that i really wanted to go sleep the entire time
-went home for about two seconds
-went to church to have conversation about joseph problem, and semi-resolved it
-went and had good but hard trumpet lesson....brain was completely fried resulting in forgetting that fourths and fifths were not major and minor, but augmented and diminished....
-went home and ate yummy kale and bean soup whose broth was addicting
-did pile of homework.....worked hard.....went to bed at a reasonable hour


-woke up late (6:00)
-was very very rushed getting ready for school and was out the door a few minutes later than usual
-had even longer day at school and was given about fifteen piles of homework
-went to jazz band, jammed out on trombone, had fun
-dashed home for about two seconds (literally)
-went to friendly's with my mom and brother for a florida trip fundraiser, goofed off with anna
-went to handbell choir and regular choir at church for very long, tiring rehearsal, not looking forward to homework when i got home
-got home at nine o'clock, the homework commenced
-worked crazy hard for a really really really long time until i had finished literally everything
-finally fell into bed at midnight

and so today was a long tiring boring day and now i want to sleep. bye.


Arielle said...

Wow! Crazy hectic few days.
AND you managed to finish your HW!
that deserves a medal!

Memi said...

I know what you mean, my lifes been a mess this week too!

Maddi said...

Ugh... I've been having those days for a few weeks. I don't get homework, but it's still horrible. My 5th grade teacher would give a ton of homework the day of the of my school concerts... GRR