I'm back! Other than playing my cornet I love to downhill ski and play other sports like field hockey (I'm a goalie!) and softball (I'm a shortstop/2nd base player) And I love to read and write. Gotta go!

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Anonymous said...

Sup Sally? Sorry to hear you're sick. I KNEW that skiing was bad for your health, miss pneumonia-athsma-princess. Listen, looks like you have the cold that I just got over. What you need to do is get lots of rest and- sorry, it's gonna kill you- NOT PLAY CORNET FOR A WHILE. I couldn't play clarinet or sing for the longest time. If you do it will hurt your lungs even more and you'll be coughing like crazy, Miss Cornet Crazie. I'm serious. I'm getting better. If your Mrs. Barry is as awesome as you say she'll understand. Mr. T did, so did my chorus teacher.

So GET SOME REST girl! Don't go and die on me or I'll have to kill you.