Halfway there

Hey everybody! Yes, I had a fun time skiing yesterday, mostly carving up the east side and the half-pipe, LOL. My skis were nice and sharp and I only fell once, sliding about 40 ft down the mountain, but thankfully while I was sliding I didn't run into a tree or anything, I just stuck the sharp side of my pole into my rear. Ouch! But other then that it was a gorgeous day, and I had a lot of fun.

And now. I can't believe I am HALFWAY there. Friday was the end of 2nd quarter/1st semester and today is the beginning of 3rd quarter/2nd semester. Wow. Halfway through the year! I feel like it's been this year forever, to be honest. Anyway, that means no more Home Ec and I have to be in Gym instead, but I will have a lot of friends in my gym class so that's OK. Also, we are coming upon my favorite time of the school year. It's what I like to call 'The Band Season'. Why? Because from this week until the end of the year we have increased jazz rehearsals for hours after school, and TONS of extra performances, especially for 8th graders in the jazz band. (8th grade gets to do a lot of special stuff) Our 8th grade band is even going to play at the State House in April, by special invitation! And we are the only band going! It's exciting, and I'll keep you posted with all the fun events. And now, it's off to school for the second half of the year for me!

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