Since Olive Tree's writing contest is over it's time for a new one to begin! This one is very different then both Elrania's and Olive Tree's. This is a photography contest! Now you may be thinking-cool! I just need to take a picture and upload it. NO. This has specific rules. First off, there will be 3 pictures that you will need to take and they must fit the requirements below. If your pictures do not fit requirements I will let you know and you have until the end of the contest to fix it. If you do not fix it you are disqualified.

Your pictures to take are:

Pic #1. Depicting Summer

Pic #2. Depicting Music

Pic #3. Depicting Some Kind Of Water

For example:

a. a thunderstorm

b. stacks of my music books on my piano

c. the brook by my house

Please post the photos on YOUR BLOG and comment ON THIS POST, about where I can find them.

Now for the prizes:

3rd place: white ribbon

2nd place: red ribbon

1st place: blue ribbon and the phenomenal photographer award!

*Everbody who enters will recieve the camera crazy award!!*

Ready? Start clicking!


Anonymous said...

I am totally entering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

When is the contest over??????????????????

The Cornet Crazie said...

i'm thinking next monday

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Here's my entry

Anonymous said...

Here's my entry

Bella said...

im entering!

Moriah said...

Awesome! I'll accept this challenge!

Anime Lover said...

My entry is here:

Swiftstar said...

I am about to put my ebtry in, but is a pool a body of water? It's not, right?

The Cornet Crazie said...

actually a pool is fine

Swiftstar said...

Oh! Well I'm using that for summere! I'm almost done making the post for the contest! go to Warrios' drawboard to see it.