ONE WEEK UNTIL SCHOOL STARTS!!!! I'm happy. I'm going to do a bunch of shopping for supplies and clothes today. I love school shopping. :)

Other news is that evey day marching band has ended. Phew! I love it but 4+ hours of practice every night really wears you out! I'm content with a practice and show every week.

Also, my mom had to get me a bunch of chalk for marching band camp but since I don't need it any more I'm thinking of drawing a huge elaborate dragon on my driveway. THAT would be quite a sight! Tell me what you think.

Remember the photo contest! You have until Friday to get your entries in and I'll post the results on Saturday.


Olive Tree said...

You. Are. Insane.

Olive Tree said...

So you're doing headers now huh? I saw your comment on CatSketch. Are you any good? Do u use Photoshop or just Paint?

Swiftstar said...

Oh, also another change to is is to not put Gazestripe's name is there. Cauase no more gazestripe!

Swiftstar said...

Does this bloog have comment moderation?