Something I have grown fond of

Hmm. I have taken writing free verse poetry to my liking. And it's so easy! I have written a couple today. Here is the first on below. And don't forget to comment your results for the woodwind quiz!

Softball Summer

The heat,
Is almost unbearable.
And yet,
There is no other place that I want to be at this moment.
I stand at shortstop,
My regular position,
And wait,
For the ball to be hit to me.
It isn't.

The end of the last inning comes soon after,
And the game is tied.
6 to 6.
It's time to do something unexpected.
The darkness is growing,
There are no lights,
And we take the field in extras.

The bottom of the 7th comes.
We're down 7-6.
A runner on second,
But 2 outs.
Only one chance,
Only this chance to make it happen.

The ball is hit,
And the runner comes home.
There's a roar in our dugout.
The game is tied up.
But the roar stops short,
For the next batter has stepped up to the plate.

First pitch is a strike,
The runner goes to third.
Next pitch is in there,
We're hoping for a hit,
But the bat goes right under the ball.
Strike 2.

Finally with the count at 2-2,
The pitch flies in.
Over the batters head.
Over the catchers glove,
Smashing into the fence.
The runner goes.

She slides.
The tag is put on her leg by the pitcher.
Out or safe?
In the dugout we hold our breath.
The ump considers the call.

"The runner's safe at home!"
The cheers come then,
As we run onto the field.
We have won.
Is softball.
I live for nights like these.

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