Well, school's out! It was a good last day. Assembly and step-up and report cards. All A's and A+'s for me!!! Yay! Most of the 8th grade teachers seem pretty good. I'm going to a pool party this afternoon and evening which will be fun, and then I have to talk with the organist at church to figure out what I will do for summer music. There was actually no screaming when the last bell rang. That was odd. Now what I would like to know is this-how does news travel SO fast around the 7th grade?


Isemilientinedy said...

well when you're at the beach, you're not in different classrooms. and once those three popular girls found out, even though they did think it was sweet, they told EVERYONE. and then they got to stand around talking about it.

Isemilientinedy said...

and by the way, the only way anyone would know what you are talking about is if they visited my blog, too. you still haven't admitted it yourself. :)

Spottedstar said...

should i? ok i will