Busy past few days

I've been really really busy so let's go back a few days and I'll get you up to date.

Thursday- Raining, raining, raining, Super Gato slept over and we also had a playoff game. We lost but it's double elimanation. I got on base all 3 times I was up. A walk and 2 singles.

Friday-Still pouring. Super Gato spent the day here and then I slept over at her house.

Today- Went to the farmers market then had a semi-final game. WE WON! We are in the championship which is on Monday. If we win then we play on Tuesday. If we lose either of those we have 2nd place. If we win both we win 1st. Then my brother had 2 games and now I have to work on a Father's Day present so bye!

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