Woodwinds quiz!

OK so here is the woodwinds quiz! Because there are so many different woodwinds I have broken it down into 3 categories. Flutes (soprano, alto, piccolo), Clarinets (alto, A, Bb, bass, oboe) and Sax (soprano, alto, tenor, bass). So if you get the result 'flute' you are most like any of the 3 flutes.

What is your personality most like?

a. flying high, free and happy and nothing can stop me

b. like the wind, I'm always changing direction. Many moods, interests and everything.

c. I'm in with the crowd; I never do anything alone

Which of these is your favorite subject?

a. industrial tech.

b. art

c. home ec.

What would you use to fight with?

a. whatever was on the ground at the moment

b. a long heavy sword

c. bow and arrow

What do you look for in a friend?

a. kindness and loyalty

b. likes a lot of different things

c. they're adventurous!

What is your favorite color? (of these)

a. the brighter the better! neon all the way!

b. something calming, like a pale sea green

c. pretty much anything is good for me!

Which of these professions most suits you?

a. how can people stand always being the same thing??? I never stay in my job over a year!

b. me? I chase tonadoes and give live coverage during hurricanes

c. a writer or an artist

Please comment your answers and I will post the results on Tuesday!!!


Isemilientinedy said...

Personality: a.
Fav Subject: a.
Fight With: a. i don't like blood.
Friend: a.
Fav Color: c.
Job: c.

hmm... very interesting.

HorseFeathers said...