at olive tree's

So yeah, the show went really well yesterday, and today I went to Olive Tree's! We had fun just hanging at first and then we went on an exploration. First we were on the normal trail. Then, we went on Olive Tree's newly discovered trail. Next, we went into uncharted territory. Then we got lost. Finally we found the trail which unfortunately happened to be a private property trail. (oops) But, no one saw us. :) So we made our way back to her house. All in a days work. Also, Olive Tree gave me a great new pair of skinny jeans! They look pretty good on me and I'm going to wear them to the dance on Friday. I think that's it for now!

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★Silverstar★ said...

LOL that sounds like Goldenheart and me! We are finding new trails in the forest and unraveling a mystery. No kidding! I'll be posting about it soon. ;)