Back and talk of 300

So I had a good weekend up at camp, but now I'm back and working on homework. :( Oh well...I still love school, even if I don't love the homework, and unfortunately the 2 come together!

This is my 286th post! This means that Treble Clef is with 15 of it's 300th post!!!!!! Yay! So I am setting up a poll for you to vote on for what you want my 300th post to be! Here are the options-

Option A- 100 random things, a tag I make, and giving aways all my awards.

Option B- 100 random things, and a tag I make.

Option C- 100 random things and giving away away all my awards

Option D- A tag I make and giving away all my awards

Option E- I don't care, you choose

So vote on the poll, this will only be open for 2 days!

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