state jazz!!!!!!!!!

Well my friends.........tomorrow's the big day!!!!! It time for the state jazz festival! We are playing 3 songs. Sing Sing Sing, a fast heavy swing with lots of accents, and a tenor, trombone, drum and cornet solo. All Blues (My personal favorite) a medium swing with 3 cornet solos, one is with a harmon mute that totaly warps the sound and sounds oh so cool, and an alto solo. And lastly Caravan a fast paced latin/swing that I have 1st part on, and has a tenor and trumpet solo. So I'm going and so is Honeypelt (both for Mahoney) and the Rainfire is going for Greely. I obviously play cornet, Honeypelt (or Bellacat) plays flute and Rainfire (or HorseFeathers) plays bass. It's going to be a lot of fun, a long bus ride, good food, and lastly LOTS OF GREAT JAZZ!

(oh and our former student teacher is coming too. yay!! yippe skippe!)


Mudshadow said...

obsessive. that's all i have to say

Spottedstar said...

it's MY blog