random stuff about my day

1. the new blog i added to my list is my mom's
2. we have a math quiz on thursday (boo)
3. i presented my disease project in science, went very well
4. got hit in the eye really hard in the eye and head with a soccer ball during gym (i wasn't even playing it was my rotations bench turn and i turned my head and, BAM!)
5. LA was soooo boring 'cause i'm done with my story
6. french was really fun; our teacher started randomly singing when we were all quiet (she does that a lot) and then somebody laughed and she said really loudly "Es'cuesemwa?!?!" I'm pretty sure that not how you say it but it's how to pronounce Excuse Me in french.
7. my french teacher's plant is drooping and it needs a new pot.
8. If the plant dies, Fuzzywhisker says she will bring me to court for murder of it. (i'm in charge of the plant 'cause my teacher has killed all her other ones)
9. the rest of the day was just regular and boring


Bellacat said...

i love the rainbow thing. but some of them are kind of hard to read because of the contrast. one question: do we HAVE to have a book reference for science?

Spottedstar said...

no just 3. i have a concussion