When Allergies Attack

Now, if you've been reading with me on Treble Clef for a while, even back to its very beginning as Cornet Crazie in Action (What was I thinking????? Treble Clef is soooo much better) or even if you are a newer reader you may have gotten the impression that I'm not the healthiest person ever. 
No, I eat fine, I try and stay active, I'm thin and fit.
But I get sick. A lot.
But you know what?
This year has been pretty good actually, health-wise.
No swine flu, or concussions, or tendonitis, or bronchitis, or really bad asthma attacks, or pneumonia, or the regular flu, or sinus infections, or weird things that the doctor doesn't know what they's been good.
I was out sick a couple of times but just because of little 24 hour stomach bugs and stuff. 
These past few weeks my allergies haven't even been that bad, though the pollen level was high. My meds were working like they're supposed to, everything seemed under control.
However, yesterday, my allergies decided to gather the troops and pull a full frontal attack on me. Those nasty, lousy, sneaky, evil allergies.
It started in the morning.
I was a little stuffier than usual and it was affecting my singing in church just a bit. At graduation (which was awesome, although they forgot a word in the Pledge of Allegiance {oops...}, and it was also kinda sad leaving some friends) we were outside and had just mowed and stuff so I was more stuffy and was sneezing a bit. 
Things got worse after I got home and did some work in the garden and by dinnertime I had a killer sinus headache. (hate those so much)
Getting to sleep was an adventure. Bloddy nose, not able to get anything actually out of my nose, I was a mess. (And it didn't help that my eye makeup came off my eyes OK, but refused to come off my face making me look like a legit raccoon) 
Let's just say it was an ordeal.
Today, was even worse.
Today the allergies continued their evil attack on me, much to my displeasure, and seemed bent on destructing my day.
It all started when I woke up feeling like I hadn't slept at all.
Oh and the fact that my nose wouldn't stop being so awfully stuffy.
And I really didn't appreciate how the Sudafed that I took didn't help one bit.
First block biology was pretty chill and we didn't have to do much of anything so I got through that OK.
Band pretty much condemned me. Our teacher made us play, and of course, being lead trumpet takes a lot out of you even when you're at the top of your game.
By the end of that class, I was pretty much equal to a slug.
My head was pounding with a sinus headache, blowing my nose made things worse, I was coughing occasionally, and also sneezing, my voice was deep and slurred, and there were really dark circles under my eyes that had nothing to do with my makeup-raccoon disaster last night.
I stumbled through the first part of history and then lunch, barely listening, and then I seriously totally zoned out and pretty much fell asleep during the second half. 
WHAT???? I never ever fall asleep in class. It's just not something I do. I'm usually the one who is always chipper and raising my hand all the time.
Thank goodness for understanding history teachers....
After history was gym which was torture because it was outside and also my nose decided to have a rather bloody revolt getting blood all over my face. Not cool.
And then I had three hours of driver's ed.
And my brother's baseball game.
And now I'm dreading the night and and even more vicious attack of the allergies tomorrow.
Allergies. Oh you evil, evil allergies...

I hate you. And to take a line from Sue Sylvester, the evil cheerleading coach on Glee,
Allergies, you must be 'annihilated into oblivion'. NOW.


Lucy said...

I thought you didn't watch Glee...?

❉╬▓rooke said...

Oh. My. God.

That SUCKS. I'm sorry :/ That's just terrible. Get better okay? Or else I'll have to go all ninja on lyour allergies.

Sally said...

Haha Lucy...I started watching it when the first season came out on Netflix. :)

Brooke- Be my guest and go all ninja on these allergies...they're driving me CRAZY!

Izori said...

That sounds awful! I'll be praying that you feel better!

I get mildly sneezy/cough-ish in the spring and fall, but I've also gotten hives from pollen. However, that doesn't sound near as bad as bloody noses.