Hello to Goodbye

Hello end of school! Goodbye classes! Hello summer! Goodbye to school!
Today is my final day of freshman classes before three days of finals (which I'm really not that worried about) and summer. Finals though aren't even really days of actual school though because you only have to  go for your test blocks, etc.
I had my last biology, band, history, and gym classes last Friday so today is my last study hall (which I am sitting in right now), and last english, french, and geometry classes. 

Now, I often like to compare what I thought of my classes and teachers at the beginning of the year, and at the end of the year. Some of you may remember this chart that I had made and put on here after four days of classes.

So, a comparison. 

Honors Biology
Fall: Lots of homework, but good teacher and great class!
Spring: My first impression was pretty much correct. Bio WAS a lot of work, but my teacher really knew what she was talking about and I learned so much. Though I am kind of glad that I am done with the class just because it was a lot of work and I'm ready for summer, I really did enjoy the majority of this class.

Concert Band
Fall: Awesome! Only two trumpets and I get to play first.
Spring: Well, there did end up being four trumpets, but I still was the sole lead. I really did love playing first all the time and of course talking to my band buddies was a lot of fun. My teacher? Eh...really didn't like him much although he was much better from the end of March on. It was still good though because it was fun to play with some other really great players and friends.

World History
Fall: Seems good. Like the teacher.
Spring: Yes, history was a good class. We had a lot of really rowdy people in our class but I think I learned a lot and I really enjoyed my teacher. She was really great.

Phys. Ed.
Fall: Eh...not my favorite.
Spring: Gym was never my favorite class, but there were some things that were fun. Like badminton! And I did have a good group of friends in this class which was nice. Also I thoroughly enjoyed the time my teacher brought in cupcakes....she was a pretty good teacher.

Study Hall
Fall: Kinda boring for a whole 85 minutes
Spring: Same. Though sometimes I would get good work done, study hall was mostly just absolute boredom. Spent most of my time reading Harry Potter and trying not to listen to endless conversations about lacrosse.

Fall: Good class, not sure about the teacher.
Spring: Let's just say THANK GOODNESS NEXT BLOCK IS MY LAST ENGLISH CLASS. I will be celebrating so much afterwards. I was sooooo right about being unsure about the teacher because he was pretty awful. I won't go into details, but he was just awful. Which made the class not a good class. So happy to be rid of THIS class!

Fall: Love class, really good teacher.
Spring: Oh goodness...I was so wrong. Most boring class, very annoying teacher, also very very happy that it is my last class today. Too bad I have the same teacher for the rest of high school French. 

Fall: Not that bad, actually kind of fun!
Spring: Pretty much the same. Although it was not fun, it was a regular class in which I learned a lot and wasn't too stressful. It was good.

Ahh. I'm glad it's almost over.

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