Finally, A Final Product

Victory is mine.

I finished the main writing of this piece a little while ago but then I had to format it for all the parts. Like the score only has the four basic parts, but there are a LOT more. I've got trumpet 1, trumpet 2, clarinet 1, clarinet 2, flute, oboe, alto saxophone, french horn, and trombone/tuba/other bass instruments.
I am extremely please at how it turned out, and I cannot wait to play it at camp in about two weeks. It also serves a dual purpose for camp because we're supposed to bring something that we've created and I'm just going to bring this instead of slaving over a painting or something. I've already slaved over this.....although it was not really work for me because it was very fun.
Anyway, the main point is that I am very happy with it. Yay me.

Also, today was the last day for half my classes! Woot! Except for the final, no more biology, no more band, no more history and NO MORE GYM. (The last one in particular makes me very excited)
I can't believe freshman year is almost comes SUMMER!


Akire Zyll Flickerclaw said...

Congrats on finishing writing it! I love this song (and the musical) :)

Jennoelle said...

Oh, you're amazing. Arranging a song as beautiful as Bring Him Home (or anything from the epic Les Mis, for that matter) is no easy task. =)


Sally said...

Thanks to you both! It IS an epic song, and a truly epic musical. I'm so happy to have had the chance to be in a production of it this past winter, and then be able to arrange this piece.

haleykemp said...

Awesome job! It was really cool seeing it on your laptop while you were writing it. I hope you have a super fun time at the camp!!! NO MORE GYM <3

Sally said...

Haley- what's even cooler is looking at it all printed out and thinking to myself 'OH MY GOSH I ARRANGED THIS AWESOME PIECE OF MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!'
and no more gym certainly = love.

Sofia said...

Sooo jealous that you're practically out. I don't get out until next Thursday... *sigh* It's either the 23rd or the 24th. Stupid snow days. So fun at first, but at the end you are evil.

Your music sounds awesome, Sally!


alex said...

you should record yourself and upload it at youtube or something!:)

Sally said...

Yeah, I probably will try and do something of the sort. It would be really nice to have a full recording.

Mia said...

Wow, that's so cool that you compose like that! Awesome!