completely change your bedroom in one weekend or less

Hello, pretty people, this is olivia from of horsefeathers. My dear little (and I use that term with the greatest possible endearment) friend Sally asked me to guest post, so I started considering options for what you all would like to read about.

A little background: I am an incredibly flighty and indecisive human being. I like change so much it's almost a medical disorder. Unfortunately, I happen to still be in high school and thus live with my parents, so I can't hop around to different cities whenever I please. Instead, I have a bedroom.

This post has more detail than you need and each section is broken into two parts based on your personality.
Mellow Myra- you'd like to switch up your room and get rid of the frothy pink drapes, but once it's done you'll be happy for a long, long while.
Ever-changing Eva- you are like me; never happy with one scenery, you require constant change. I switch up my bedroom every month or so for a totally different vibe.

This tried-and-true weekend plan is not only quick and easy, it's also cheap. If you're lucky, you won't need to buy anything — that depends on finding furniture, art, paint, and fabric around the house, but even if you do have to buy those things I'm sure Goodwill and yard sales will suffice. Under a hundred bucks for a whole new room.

Ready? Let's begin, and hang on tight — this weekend is yours, baby.


Myra: Know what you want? Lovely. Sketch it out, plan where everything will go, be meticulous. Your room will be stable for a long while, you want it to be absolutely perfect.

Eva: I'm guessing you have no idea what you want your room to look like. I recommend going to Houzz and ApartmentTherapy and pulling photos you like onto your desktop for consideration. This will help you get a better idea of the style you want.


Both: Scared of the basement/attic? I hope not, because if you're lucky they will hold a treasure trove of furniture, lamps, art, etc. that you can use in your room. (My parents were, once upon a time, buyers and sellers of Danish modern design furniture, so we have loads of cool stuff in our basement I can bring into my room at any time.) If not, go yard sale diving! There will be lots this morning, and you can probably bargain for prices. Flea markets are a safe bet too.

Don't despair if it's not perfect, because your good friend paint will help you out. If you find the perfect shaped chair but it's a hideous green, just grab some paint and make that sucker white. Or yellow. Or aqua.

One of the biggest changes you can make to a room is painting it. Repainting your walls (and if you can, your floor — painted hardwood floors are the new big thing, but check with your parents first!) makes a huge difference. PS: You might want to sleep on the couch tonight, because paint fumes are sketchy stuff.

Myra: Choose a color that will compliment your preexisting color scheme — be bright, bold, neutral, dark, light, whatever floats your boat. You won't be switching things up too much, so you could even go for wallpaper or stencils or decals. Very chic.

Eva: Please please please paint everything white. Trust me. Fabrics and art can add color and be changed easily, but if you do your room in yellow then decide a month later that yellow is the worst color in the world (sheepishly raises hand) you'll have to repaint everything. Make your walls, furniture, and other permanent features of the room white. You will thank me later.


Myra: Time to move in the furniture. (I recommend getting some help; don't want to scratch anything.) You planned everything out, and chances are you're already pretty neat, so you won't need to spend a lot of time on this. Add art, rugs, bedspreads, etc, and you're done! Enjoy!

Eva: Before you move anything, organize your junk (ever-changing people tend not to be very neat; I know I'm not). Baskets and bookshelves are your friends. Once your room looks a little more acceptable, get someone to help you move in furniture. Play around with it a bit, then when you're happy with the arrangement add in art and textiles and all that jazz. All done! (The best part is that in another month, just move things around and change the art and add/remove some rugs and voilá! Whole new room in under a day.)

Cheers, everyone, and have fun! Here are my own redecoration posts over the ages. Notice how most everything is white, and I use art and rugs to switch things up.



♣icefox♣ said...

Nice post, especially if you're... um... me. I got my room repainted recentlyish, and I'm already not loving it. For "Eva," white is a bold choice. Something like a very pale blue is good too. And it usually takes more than one day to paint a room.

olivia said...

@ Icefox, why does it take you so long? I usually paint in the afternoon and let it dry overnight. I'd be interested to see what you do differently.

♣icefox♣ said...

@olivia Lucky! For me, you have to move the furniture, cover everything with plasic, prime the walls, pour the paint (after obsessively agonizing over the color, if you're like me), cover the trim in tape, and then paint. Then repeat for the trim.