Standing At The Brink

Yes, this blessed time of year has come, the time of year when there is only one week of school left before it is SUMMER.
Sure, there are finals next week which won't be pleasant, but after 11:30 next Thursday...
I. AM. FREE!!!
No more freshman year, just ready for a really awesome summer, which I am pretty much already prepared for, because i happen to plan things ahead. A lot....

Of course, either like this weekend or right after school gets out I need to do a bit of shopping because I am finding that I am kinda low on good summer-wear. I think a trip to Goodwill is in order, plus a haircut would be nice too.
And as soon as school gets out, I am ready to have some FUN.
My first big thing is of course the fact that I get my driver's permit on JUNE 20.
On the 26th I head off to Pilgrim Lodge, then band camp, the Pilgrim lodge again, then a mission trip, and during that time you guys get to enjoy no less than TWENTY-FOUR amazing guest posts by twenty-four amazing bloggers. Pretty sweet, right?
I'm pumped for PL, especially this first week because that's what I arranged Bring Him Home for, to use in my instrumental music workshop. It's gonna be fun. Band camp too, I've been working like crazy on my audition pieces because honestly, I REALLY want lead trumpet...and well, I would really REALLY like first chair....
We're also doing a bunch of planning and getting ready for out mission trip which will be great too. 
After that I come back to blogging, and I'm not sure what is happening the first few weeks of August, but on the 22nd....the 2011 marching band season begins! It is going to be a really awesome summer, but I really wish it was here right now instead of in a week though. I wish it was here instead of me just standing on the brink looking at finals.

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