And On That Note...

Well here we are, June 26, the day that I head off to camp and leave this blog at the mercy of the guest posters.

I'm very excited for camp today, I'm pretty sure that I've been bouncing off the walls for about a week, and today I've been even worse. Maybe it isn't such a great idea to let me drive to camp...I'm so excited, I might just floor the gas pedal which would NOT be so great at all...I'll try not to do that...I'd like to get to camp in one piece.

I also performed a solo in church this morning, a very nice arrangement of a hymn that I have always had a soft spot for, Shine, Jesus, Shine. I was very happy to find that it was in a book of trumpet and piano hymn arrangements that I bought last summer and decided that it would make a good solo piece. By the way, it went very well, thank you for asking.

So now that I am about an hour away from leaving, I suppose I should say goodbye now and go have some lunch...I'll miss you guys but don't worry! You haven't seen the last of Sally. I'll be popping in over the course of the next month whenever I come in reach of a computer to update you on my life and travels, but as you recall, the blog will not be lying inactive in my absence! I've got about twenty-five totally AWESOME guest posters to write and share some stuff about themselves on here and I expect that you show them all your very best behavior while I'm gone, LOL. While they're posting comment moderation will be off as they do not have the power to moderate comments, but word verification WILL be on, just to prevent spamming. OK?

Bye, everybody! Have fun with all the guest posts!

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