And blustery it is indeed! The wind is whistling and blowing and is quite cold here at the campground. We went up to the pool where it was just a calm breeze and nice and warm, but me and my dad and aunt came back here to get the sailboat ready, but the way it looks now, it's too windy for a safe sail on our 17 footer. It's days like today that if we went out on the water, we'd want to rechristen our boat 'Scream' instead of 'Whisper'. It's an ongoing joke in the family.

But this windy, windy day also reminds me of a class for confirmation where we spoke about metaphors for God. And the one I liked best was God as wind, because the wind is ALWAYS there. Even when we can't feel it. And isn't that how you want to think of God? Always there, always present?

One thing's for sure if we take this to be true.

God is very, very, present with me today. ;)

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Emma said...

Yesterday it was "blustery" here, too! Actually, now that I think of it, it was "blustery" all weekend. Nice to play sports in, let me tell you!