On An Issue


Many of you have probably seen one of the buttons that seems to be popping up on many blogs over the past few days. 

What's this? You haven't seen it yet? Here it is:

Many bloggers say that they are willing to lose followers by putting this button up on their blogs.

Well, I'm willing to lose followers for stating my opinion.

So many posts with this button were cropping up, and I felt that I should right this post to tell you what I think.

In the grand scheme of things, it's all just love anyway.
Whether it's Male-Female, Male-Male or Female-Female, the principle it is the same.

Marriage is a union of two people who love each other enough to become lifetime partners.

Some of you say homosexuality is a sin, and the way that you know that it isn't right is because God says so. And because you're Christian, and believe in God, you know that it isn't 'right'.

Well, I'm a Christian.
I believe in God.
But I don't think that way.

In fact, I go to an amazing church that's open and affirming, meaning that we will accept anyone.

Shouldn't people have the choice of who they marry?

Denying that is just awful.

If two people love each other but can't be married because of laws that say that they can't, isn't that like denying them a basic right?

I'm not saying that all of you are wrong, but to say that it's awful, gross and repulsing, when it all just two people who love each other?

This is my opinion, and you have yours, but if you are with me, please take this:


Alex said...

I sorta agree, and sorta not agree. :s


Caroline said...

If God says it's wrong, isn't that it? Why should we question it any further? God says in the Bible that stealing is wrong. So, because He says that, we're not going to steal. Since he says that marriage is *one man, one woman*, and he is all-knowing, all powerful, and always right, then isn't that the end of it?

Squeaks said...

Hey Cornet Crazie,

So...what I get from this blog post is that you're a Christian but you agree with same-sex marriage? (let me know if I'm wrong lol, sometimes I read things backwards XD)

I just wanted to point several things out to you, in case you are a Christian that agrees with same-sex couples and marriages. I'm sure you're familiar with the Bible lol, all Christians are :P Anyways, the Bible talks about same-sex relationships in many places. For instance:
Romans 1:26-27
1 Corinthians 6:9-10
1 Timothy 1:9-10

Now that's new testament. The old testament also talks about these kinds of relationships. And I tell you :P It sure ain't pretty.

Think of what God said in Exodus 18:22,
"Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable."

So, if you are a Christian who believes in same-sex marriage, then I want to point out (and hopefully I'm not being pushy or anything) that such views are not Biblically sound. As Christians we cannot accept one part of the Bible without accepting all of it. The very Bible that tells us we receive salvation through Jesus also says same-sex relationships are an abomination.

Check out this website for more information:


Alex said...

Yeah, I agree with Caroline. But I have nothing against you, Cornet Crazie.

[Laurea] said...

Caroline, if it's so wrong to God, why would He make people like that? And God loves EVERYONE, no matter what their sins and who they are.

And thanks for posting, Cornet. Totally agree. [:

Rose said...

I'm sorry, but I do not agree with you on this. Marriage is between 1 man and 1 woman. I'm sorry, but I can't follow your blog anymore.


Izori said...

I'm not against you for stating your opinion, because that's what I just did. =)

I agree with Caroline. There are verses in the Bible that clearly state God's stance on homosexuality. If those don't count, then couldn't we easily say that other things don't count? Like, that Jesus Christ died for us? That murder is wrong?

Once again, I'm not blasting you because of this. I'm just stating what I believe.

Kiki said...

I TOTALLY agree with you!

I don't think being homosexual is against the Christian faith at all (and I'm a pretty devout Catholic). I don't think God 'hates' homosexuals either. Why would He hate His sons and daughters that His son died for? The people He created? God meant to create each person the way they are, that means He wants homosexuals to BE themselves.

I'm with you all the way :)

Alex said...

Yeah my mom saw this post, and I'm not allowed to follow anymore. Or read it. I'm sorry Cornet Crazie, but Good-Bye.

Kristen said...

I really think it should be just a male-female. I mean it's just weird you know. But as far as I know, there's nothing that says we can't do it. But flipping through the Bible there is no male-male love, or female-female love. It's not a sin, but just because it's not in the Bible, it means it's OK? If it is in the Bible then that's that. I agree with Caroline, Alex, and Squeaks. It just seems wrong. I have nothing against you, I'm just stating my opinion.

♣Delaney/Dolor♣ said...

Omg I agree too! If same-sex marriage I'd have to think my own uncle is wrong! you don't have to leave the blog because u disagree, rose, ur overreacting.

☪Dreamstar said...

I totally agree with you Cornet. and Laurea. God loves EVERYONE, and he is always accepting of everyone and always has open arms. Not to be offensive to anyone, but the bible said God was accepting of everyone.... if he`s not... then isn`t the bible lying?

I am Catholic, though my beliefs are split. I don`t think that everything that has happened in the bible is true or is right by what God says...

It`s only my opinion. :)

Olive Tree said...

I'm with you too, girl. I got a bit of blasting because I posted something similar, but I'm ok with it. Kiki has an excellent point — if homosexuals are wrong, yet God created them...

Eldarwen said...

I completely disagree. I'm sorry, Cornet, but Caroline is right. We don't steal because God says not to, but having sex with someone who's of the same gender is just fine? It's like you're saying SOME of God's commandments should be obeyed, and others shouldn't. Which is totally and completely wrong. ALL of God's laws should be followed. Same-sex relationships are against God's law. Period. There is no "if" "and" or "but". Just like stealing, murdering, coveting, worship other gods/idols, etc. And yes, God still loves everyone, but eventually, if they will not turn toward Him, He will shake the dust off His feet and forget them, and leave them in the Devil's care, which is NOT where you want to be. You can't be a halfway-Christian. There is no such thing as a halfway-Christian. If you're a Christian, you have to COMPLETELY agree with EVERYTHING God says, or tells us to do.

~Mark 6:11~ "And if any place will not welcome you or listen to you, shake the dust off your feet when you leave, as a testimony against them."
If Jesus tells us to do this, OBVIOUSLY He would do the same.

I know you have a right to state your opinion. Especially since it's your blog, but this is wrong. The Bible says so, and that's that.

I'm sorry Cornet, but I can't follow your blog anymore. I cannot promote a person's blog who is for something that I am TOTALLY against.

Wishing you all the best, with love in Christ!

Cornet Crazie said...

To those who have left: I'm very sorry you feel that way, but I do not take that personally, as I am simply upholding my faith and beliefs. I will miss you, because you have been good followers, best of luck to you all.

To those who disagree but are still here: Yes, our opinions differ but I'm glad that you feel that it is just that difference and will continue to be faithful followers!

To those who agree: Thank You!
Laurea, you have an excellent point. If God loves everyone, and creates everyone, if God didn't want homosexuals, then God wouldn't create them!
Kiki-Exactly. You can be a Christian (and be an very active one at that) and still believe that gay marriage is OK!
Delaney- Yes, I have people in my family who are gay, but they're amazing just they way they are! And you know what? Being together makes them happy, so why shouldn't they be allowed to do what makes them happy?
Dreamstar- Excellent points. God is accepting of EVERYONE.
Olive Tree- Thanks :)

--Cornet Crazie

☪Dreamstar said...

:) I think, that Gay people are not suns, but maybe a gift from God. :) Gay people are usually wonderful, and are great people.

(And just using a simple example here. xD)

Habe any of you heard of Adam Lambert? He came in second on American Idol two years ago. Well, he's gay. But he's WONDERFUL. From his interviews, well he is very down to earth and loving.

So HOW can ANY Gay person be a "sin", when they have done nothing wrong except BE THEMSELVES.

Also, I'm taking the button. ;)

Frangipani the Fish said...

Now, I'm not Christian, but I completly agree with you and Laurea. If you love someone, you should be able to marry them. And if God didn't want them, he wouldn't have created them. And Don't you guys accept everyone, for who they are? People can't conrtol who they love.

I'm with you on this, girl.

Frangipani the Fish

Squeaks said...

@Cornet Crazie,

I see your point...let me show you something. God loves everyone. It tells us in the Bible; if it weren't for His love for us, then He wouldn't have written us sinners His love letter. But it clearly states in the Bible that God hates sin. He doesn't hate people; He hates their sin.

The verses I put up earlier (concerning the prohibition of same-sex relationships in both Old Testament and New Testament) show how much God hates this sin. But it does not say He hates the people.

As a believer in the entire Bible, I love all people whether they be homosexuals, drunkards, murderers, or theifs. But God never made them that way; they chose to be that way. They chose to take the temptations set in front of them and embrace them as their own rather than realizing them for the sins they are. Because of this, I hate their sin. I don't hate the people, I hate their sin. That is precisely God's view on this topic. He is accepting of everyone, but whoever brings sin into His presence, well...He can't stand that.

If God was accepting of sin then He wouldn't be God right? How can God accept something He clearly states is a violation of His commandments? Just read through Exodus (I think it's Exodus); there are entire chapters dedicated to commanding the people to steer clear of such sexual sins.

Now to address what you said to Laurea: yes God loves everyone and yes He created everyone, and yes He loves those who embrace the sin of homosexuality, but He hates their sin. He created them to give them a chance to turn from their temptations and come to Him.

Why do you think God created a female for Adam to take as wife? Couldn't He have created a male? Or two females? So right from the beginning of creation we have Him setting the path that we're supposed to follow in.

Also think of the example in the Bible of Christ and his Bride. Why is it not Christ and the guys and girls who believe in Him? No, it clearly states it's Christ and His Bride.

So let me leave you with these thoughts:

God loves everyone
God hates the sin of homosexuality
God loves homosexuals but hates their sin


Rose said...


I am not overreacting. This goes against what I believe in. I am a devout Catholic and my faith says that this is wrong. It is not that I have anything against Cornet Crazie.


Sierra said...

Romans 1:24-32
Therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves, who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.
For this reason God gave them up to vile passions. For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, MEN WITH MEN COMMITING WHAT IS SHAMEFUL, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due.
And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting; being filled with all unrighteousness, sexual immorality wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, evil-mindedness; they are whisperers, backbiters, haters of God, violent, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, undiscerning, untrustworthy, unloving, unforgiving, unmerciful; who, knowing the righteous judgment of God, that those who practice such things are deserving of death, NOT ONLY DO THE SAME BUT ALSO APPROVE OF THOSE WHO PRACTICE THEM.
{Emphasis added}

I must say that I compleatly agree with Caroline, Squeeks and Eldarwen. If God says it is wrong than its wrong. No question about it. If I were to believe in one thing the bible says and then say that Homosexuality was not a sin, I could just as easily say that there are more roads to heaven than Jesus and become a muslim or budist and say i were not sinning.

Yes, God loves everyone, but he HATES their sin, and if they do not turn their hearts toward the light and repent of their sin then they WILL find out the truth in the end, after it is too late.

Some of you protested that why would God make them like that if he disliked it so much. God did not make them that way, the sin that entered into the world in the begining has corrupted God's perfect plan for mankind and "Exchanged the truth of God for a lie". Satan is our enemy and is constantly seeking to twist Gods truth so that he can "rob kill and destroy YOU"! If he can only keep you away from the truth of God, then he can have you for eternity.

I have nothing against you Cornet, but I cannot stand silent, and thus support something that is so obviously against the very nature of God.


Rev. Elsa A. Peters said...

Sally, it is always a bold witness of faith to voice one's interpretation of sacred text. As your pastor, who believes in God's ability to love us more than we can love God, I know that God is so proud of you.

∞Ripple∞ said...

I agree with Sally. I'm an atheist, and I might get some blasts for saying just that but I think that homosexuals are fine. Why on earth does God say that we can't love who we want to? Love is love and nothing anyone says or does is going to change that.

Eldarwen said...

God created the person, not their homosexuality. They CHOSE to be homosexual, God did not make them, or force them to be that way.

Squeaks said...

This is a shout out to those of you who are considering or have stopped following Crazy Cornet's blog.

If you are a young person, then the main thing is to obey your parents (good on ya Alex).

If you are older and have formed your beliefs, then I would suggest that you stay. You see, as Christians (for I take it those of us who follow the entire Bible are most likely to be offended by CC's post here) we are called to follow in Jesus footsteps. Who did He reach out to? Those who did not believe in him. Those who didn't follow His word.

Even if CC doesn't believe what the Bible says about homosexuality, that doesn't mean we have to run away. Sure, it's not good to fill our heads with sinful stuff, but an announcement of beliefs is, in my opinion, not very sinful. Our job now should be to say the truth. To hope that our words reach those who struggle with their opinions on this topic.

For there is only One Way, One Truth, and One Light. To accept Jesus as Saviour we must also accept the fact that He hates the sin of homosexuality.

By leaving a blog because someone's views are offensive, you're not really doing any "good" :P I hope that doesn't offend you. By staying, you have the opportunity to be a witness and a light for Christ.

So stand firm my friends!

For Christ and His Kingdom,


Jo March said...

You are absolutely right, Cornet! God LOVES homosexuals....because he created them in His image. You know what He HATES? HOMOSEXUALITY. It's the not the people, it's the "thing."

If you are a Christian who takes the Bible as it's written -the inspired Word of God- you should know that the Lord considered homosexuality an abomination. I can quote Scripture for you if you need proof. It's right there in your hands.

I'm sorry, but like many others who've commented before me, I'm going to have to stop following. I cannot support a blog written by a professing Christian that doesn't support the clear and basic truths of Scripture.

I'll be praying for you.


NatureFreak said...

I'm sorry but I DEFINITLY can't follow someone that is defying God's will. End of story. Goodbye.

(And it is a shame you did this because I was enjoying your blog)

Frangipani the Fish said...

You guys don't understand. Being gay ISN'T a choice. It's who you are. Example: it wasn't your choice to be random and wacky, it's who you are. It's how you were made. (btw, I'm NOT gay)

Cornet Crazie said...

Squeaks, I'm sorry, but the way you worded that last comment almost seemed like you were calling me 'not-Christian'. IDK if that's what you were going for but OK.

ON CHOICE: Think about this. Would someone choose the route of homosexuality, knowing that they wouldn't get full rights if it wasn't for biological hormones?

Squeaks said...

@CC, I'm sorry, I didn't intend to imply that :S I can't speak for your faith because I don't know where you stand, but when you do think about it...Christians believe the whole Bible and the Bible clearly states the homosexuality is a sin. So if you believe that it's fine, how can you be a Christian? Because Christians believe God's ENTIRE word is true...

I hope that isn't offensive in any way :)


∞Ripple∞ said...

How about we take this to the media? How many of you watch Glee? I'm betting a lot of you do. Do you think Kurt has a choice to be gay? Do you think that if he had a choice that he would choose to be made fun of, or have the rights of a straight person? No. People don't wake up in the morning and say, "Hey. I think I'll be gay." It's just who they are. I know Cornet and I know that she is very involved with her church. Calling her "non-Christian" is like calling her "non-musical". People can't change who they are. They just can't.

☪Dreamstar said...

Ya, like, I don't think people just randoml;y think one day " Ya, I feel like being gay, so I'm going to be gay."

They are CREATED gay! They can NOT help it! If they could have, I would think they would have chosen NOT to be gay!

(Though I find gay people are quite pleasant from what I've heard and seen. :3 )

Also, Cornet Crazie does not need prayers! She is speaking her beliefs, and what is truly right.

[Laurea] said...

In my opinion, I can say from personal experience that people who are gay don't choose who they are! Have any of you ever thought that some gay people may HATE who they are, and who they will become, just because they're gay? Have you thought of the mental strain that being gay puts on the person, because their family may disown them? I doubt it.

Being gay isn't a choice. I know a lot of gay people who would rather have a simple, straight life, but they can't help it.


P.S. You don't have to publish this Cornet. ;)

Emma said...

Cornet, I agree with you, and I'm shocked that some people feel so strongly. I can understand them a BIT, but I think what some people think and feel is THEIR business, and no one should barrage them for it.

Killian said...

Cornet Crazie,
I completely and TOTALLY agree with you. I am ashamed to see how many people think that being gay is not ok. It's mind-blowing to me to see how many close-minded, close-hearted people there are. I don't want to sound like I am attacking anyone, but you honestly think that your sexuality should have an effect on whether or not you are going to heaven or hell?? Everyone is equal in my eyes, no matter race, sexuality, gender, or any other factor. Just like others have said on here, your sexuality is a part of you!! Some people say they are not racist or prejudice, but being anti-gay is the same principle.
I, too, am a practicing Christian -- my mom is even a theologian, and my whole family is very open and accepting...I don't think everything in the Bible is always correct and should be taken literally, but I think that's ok. God wants us to be able to ask him questiosn to deepen our faith.

And Cornet Crazie, I am going to START following your blog because of this blog...thank you so much! <3

Jo March said...

Listen, God is a God of order and beauty. He loves what He has made, and He desires for it to be perfect. Humans are by nature sinful, due to Adam and Eve (male and female, take note - not m/m or f/f)'s first sin. Since then, we -as humans- try to defy every good and perfect thing that God has made, including the institution of marriage. This is SO WRONG! We may be born sinful, but with the Lord's help, we can conform ourselves to His perfect plan. Do you HONESTLY think that a little newborn baby could be HOMOSEXUAL from BIRTH???? Born that way??? Somehow, I don't see that.

Sqeaks - there is a difference between "running away" from someone with different beliefs than yourself and "running away" from evil. The Lord tells us to love what is good and hate what is evil. If homosexuality is an abomination (and the Lord says that's what it is) then I'm going to run from it. Cornet may not be "gay" herself, but if she's going to openly support it, I cannot stay. What communion hath light with darkness?

I'm sorry if those are harsh words, but this grieves me. Grieves me. No matter what you say, however, I WILL be praying for you.

Jo March said...

And those of y'all who say that you don't believe every word of the Bible is true, yet you say your are Christians, I (and my family included) consider that hypocrisy to the highest degree.

Cornet Crazie said...

Squeaks- Sorry, but that IS offensive. You are saying I'm not 'really Christian', which I am taking offense to.

Ripple- Exactly! The church is a big part of my life, as you know.

Thank you Dreamstar! If you are praying for me to to come around and believe what you believe, well, you're never going to get me to do that.

Emma- Thank you.

Laurea- Perfectly stated. If homosexuality was a choice, why would anyone willing choose it knowing of all the struggles and hardships it would bring if it wasn't biological hormonal reasons?

Killian, welcome to Treble Clef! This is just more proof that you CAN be an open and affirming Christian.

Jo- Am I just reading something into your words, but are you saying that I'm evil? And I an NOT a hypocrite to the church. That is all just way to much.

Jo March said...

No, I'm not saying that YOU personally are "evil", I was just quoting a Bible verse and that's the word that the Bible uses. God calls homosexuality an abomination, and that's a synonym with evil. I don't think I said that you were evil, but I am going to leave the presence of evil, and when I say that I mean the statement that same-sex marriage is okay.

Nela said...

You made the following statement:

"Some of you say homosexuality is a sin, and the way that you know that it isn't right is because God says so. And because you're Christian, and believe in God, you know that it isn't 'right'.

Well, I'm a Christian.
I believe in God.
But I don't think that way."

You say that you are a Christian and that you believe in God but you leave out the rather important reference to God saying that it is a sin. If you take the Bible as His inspired Word then you have to agree that God says it is a sin. If it is a sin it is not to be ignored or treated as if it weren't a problem but repent of it. You can't have it both ways: If you believe in God and He says homosexuality is not only a sin but a serious crime (in the Old Testament) then you must submit to His will or lose the idea that you are a Christian. The choice is the same that faced Eve in the garden. Submit to the will of my Creator or become your own. Consequences always follow.

Some questions that you posted:

Q."Shouldn't people have the choice of who they marry?"
A. Maybe, maybe not. If people choose to make desicions that are against God's law then its their doom that they have chosen.

"Denying that is just awful."
A. Is it? Who made you God?

Q."If two people love each other but can't be married because of laws that say that they can't, isn't that like denying them a basic right?"
A. Which law are you talking about? man's law or God's law? Who or what gives us our "rights?" Does God or does the state? If God gives them then they cannot be taken away by the state. But also, if God gives them, doesn't He have the right to say what they are?!

"I'm not saying that all of you are wrong,"
Uh, well you seem to be saying that I'M wrong, at least! If you said something that was true then whatever contradicts it must be false. Is not a truth claim a judgment? Especially against those who would deny it? I don't have anything against in this. I'm just saying that judgment is inescapeable for anyone who says anything.

"but to say that it's awful, gross and repulsing, when it all just two people who love each other?"
A. If you take the Bible seriously then you will be interested in what the Bible actually says about homosexuality (or sodomy). See for example
Genesis 2:24
The Story of Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 18:16- 19:29)
Romans 1:24-32
Leviticus 20:13
1 Corinthians 6:9-10
1 Timothy 1:9-10

You seem to have been influenced by folks who would judge the Bible rather than let it judge them. If God is indeed the author then to judge the Bible is to judge God. Rather, to judge the Bible is to judge the JUDGE. Don't know that I would care to be in that situation if I were you.

*Shadowflower* said...

I am a Christian, I don't agree with you, but I'll still follow your blog. I MEAN EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN OPINIONS! Congradulations for having the courage to stand up for what you believe! I do *NOT* agree with you, but I love your blog and will always follow it!

@ Squeaks
That was no where NEAR nice what you said about Cornet! Of course she's a Christian! She just has her ow opinions!

*Shadowflower* said...

And I'm sorry you lost so many followers just for stating your beliefs. :(

•ѕωiяlʏ giяl• said...

Hey, Cornet. I know I'm commenting waaay after everyone else on this post, but I just wanted to let you know what I think =)

I'm twelve. I'm also a Christian, and so I believe in the Bible and God. I go to Church most Sundays. I'm religious. I pray.

Cornet Crazie, I understand how you feel when someone disses you for what you believe in. Isn't it YOUR choice? YOUR opinion? No-one has the right to take that away from you. If you think that so-and-so music is lame {an example}, then be it. That's what you think, and that's fine. The same with this situation

I'm not saying that I agree or disagree with you. Like I said, I'm only twelve, thirteen in April. My opinions are balanced. I'm young, and I don't yet know what's going to happen to my opinions in 10-20-30 years. But for now, just stay strong. There are people out there who agree with just have to find them =)

{You don't have to publish this}

abbiejo said...

No, no, no!! People are NOT made to be homosexuals. They have the choice to obey or disobey God. Every person is made in the likeness of God so you are saying that God is homosexual too? That's too bad that you think like that. I'm not coming back to your blog, I was enjoying it too.