Homework Free

It is a great feeling when you come home from school and only have a couple geometry problems for homework. You can breeze through them real easily, and then just chill and relax. Or even, just fool around on Acorn.

As the above picture states quite well, I can just relax. For me, that means lazily blogging about relaxing,  playing with Acorn and Photoshop, snapping random pictures in Photobooth, reading and eating popcorn. It's good, very good. And I'm happy, or at least I was until I snuck a peek at my planner. And it turns out that Cornet Crazie isn't quite as homework free as she thought, and she still has some biology stuff to do. Yay.....

Going to handbells with Elránia and choir after soon. YAY!

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Emma said...

I absolutely HATE homework. It should be banned...