The New Routine

After four days of high school, I'm really starting to get it.
Leaving at seven, first block starting at 7:30, school getting out at 1:50, catching the bus home, diving into my homework for most of the evening, (usually broken up by an activity such as trumpet lesson, bell choir, or marching band) and then crashing on my bed by 9:30. 

And today, my backpack weighed SO MUCH.
I had 4 binders, 1 homework organizer, 2 thousand page, hardcover, 15 lb each textbooks, 1 pencil case, 1 paperback copy of Of Mice And Men, and my planner. It was heavy!

But the nice desk I made this summer works great! As shown above, it's great for storing my binders and textbooks,

And I do seem to this miscellany corner where lucky pencils, earrings, coasters, bobby pins and my cactus end up...

And as it's a desk, it's perfect for doing homework! (which we have a ridiculous amount of)

I like most of my classes, I really do! I made a copy of it in Acorn with comments so you could see:

 So the biology is an honors sophomore class.
World history and English are CP courses, but I'm doing this thing called 'honors challenge' and so if I pass with that it goes on my transcript as an honors class.
French II is the sophomore class; I took French I last year.
Geometry (Math II) is a sophomore class too, because I took Algebra (Math I) last year. I get honors credit for this too!

So that's that. That's high school.

*pictures taken in photobooth and are not my highest quality*


[Laurea] said...

Your school gets out at 1:50?!?!?! My school starts at 7:45 (I get up at 6:30) and we don't get out till 3:10. Unfair! :)


Eldarwen said...

Wow! That's quite a schedule you got there, CC. :) I love that bendy pencil you have! I have a purple one just like it. They're fun, huh? :):):)


Cornet Crazie said...

Laurea- Yep! In our town, classes at elementary school go from 8:45-3, middle school goes from 7:55-2:15, and high school goes from 7:30-1:50.

Eldarwen- I love my music note pencil :) And yes, it IS quite a schedule!