I'm On Top Of The World

You know the feeling.
When nothing can pull you down,
when nothing can stop your climb,
when you feel like everything is so perfect,
when you feel like you can fly?

It's the best feeling in the world.

And that's what a marching band show can do to you.

Last night, I felt so amazing.
The adrenaline rush before the performance was just right.
Not too much so that is was unbearable,
but the perfect amount.
The excitement building up to a swell,
marching onto the field.

Throughout the show,
I felt incredible.
Completely indestructible. 

And it went well, too.
The sets lined up,
people knew the music.
The colorguard was just great.

And even though it was only the first show,
our score was something to really be proud of.

We rate in stars.
One to five,
lowest to highest.

And to tell you the truth?
I was more nervous during the scores,
then I was doing the show.

As background information, 
in the first show,
nobody really does that well.
One star. Two stars. A three star? 
In one category, maybe.

And finally the judge spoke those blessed words.

Drum Major: 3 Stars.
Colorgaurd- 3 Stars.

I held my breath, not daring to believe these words.

Percussion- 3 Stars.
Music- 3 Stars.

It wasn't true...was it?

Visual- 3 Stars.
Overall band rating for _____ ________ High School: 3 Stars.

I let out my breath. We did so well, and on our first show too.

We can only improve from here.

If that was the first show,
Then I can't wait,
for finals.