Hello Fall

Happy Autumnal Equinox everybody! (I said that to everybody in school today and they're all like 'Autumna-whata?') In other words, it's the first real day of fall! This makes Cornet Crazie happy. *psycho look* Now this is the really ironic thing: it's been like real fall weather the past few days. Sixties, mild, windy. very cool, very fall. And then there's today, the equinox, and it's EIGHTY degrees outside. Crazy!
Anyway, here's an update of what I've been doing:

I have my first tests tomorrow
I've had a couple French quizzes already, and a math quiz every day, but my first real tests or tomorrow in honors bio and geometry. I've been studying a lot so I think I'm ready.

We have a full marching band show
At practice on Monday we finished our show! (it wasn't complete before) We did a run-through of the whole production at the end and it was AWESOME. I can't wait for this week's show, which is a three hour drive away!

I'm running for Class Vice President
The winner will be announced on Friday morning and I'm really excited!!!!

Ahh....I love fall. It makes me happy :)

Plus I'm liking this fall better then last year's so far. Remember last year? Asthma attacks, balancing field hockey and marching band, not great teachers, swine flu...

And there's only a couple months until it'll have been one year since I got my pro horn.

Now that's something to be happy about :)


Eldarwen said...

Happy Fall! I usually don't like Fall, but I'm so excited about it this year! Yay! We've been having fall weather, too. Which is surprising, because even though Sept. 22 marks the first day of Fall, here in Texas it usually doesn't get to be Fall-weather until mid October. It's been wet, windy, and cool! Woohoo! :)

Good luck! I hope you win! :)


Shelley said...

I love fall, it is my fav season! :) Good luck with the class vice president! I hope you win! :)