Spirit Week And Homecoming

Wow. This week has just been really crazy- but really fun too! It's been our spirit week at the high school, and that means lots of competitions! (and the freshmen are losing badly...) Monday was college day, so I borrowed XanFan's UConn t-shirt, and Tuesday was class color day. Freshmen had to wear blue, which was quite simple, and sophomores wore green, but the juniors and seniors had to wear yellow and purple! Talk about hard colors! Yesterday was Tie (Dye) day and so I wore a tie-dyed shirt and a polar bear tie....snatched from XanFan's closet. Today was 'Decades Day' and I dressed as a hippie from the 60's. It was really fun.

Everything culminates tomorrow though with Red & White (school colors) Day, the big pep rally and the homecoming football game. Unfortunately, I will not be attending the football game....cause I'm going somewhere even better! Olive Tree's birthday is on Saturday and she's invited a few friends over tomorrow night for a sleepover. I'm so excited! I got her the most amazing present, but I can't tell you what it is, because I know she's really trying to figure it out. Maybe she'll post a picture of it in the post about her party though :)

Saturday night is a marching band competition and IMMEDIATELY after we perform, I head straight to the Homecoming Dance! Elránia and Bella will be there so it will be great. My mom and I picked out a really pretty dress, which hopefully I can get a couple pics of soon! ;)


Izori said...

That sounds really fun! =)

Olive Tree said...

Man, you've got a full few days! Our Homecoming Dance is the 16th. My math class (including the boys) have decided that my dress must be aquamarine. Why, I do not know. But I'll go with it...

Frangipani the Fish said...

Sounds like you had fun! Can't wait to see the dress. I'm sure it's reallt pretty.

Cornet Crazie said...

Izori: Yes, it's been sooo much fun and I'm really excited because I just found out that the marching band plays at the pep rally! :)

Olive: Haha. If need help finding an aquamarine dress, may I suggest JCPenney in the mall? I actually tried on one that was quite lovely in that color.

FF- It is really pretty, I'll probably have pics on Sunday!